Lady Zeinab (SA), Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength

Lady Zeinab (a.s.)

At the death of the Mu'awiyah, Imam Hussein (AS) set out from Medina to Kufa to claim the leadership...

Lady Zeinab (SA) and Karbala

At the death of the Mu’awiyah I, Imam Hussein (AS) set out from Medina to Kufa to claim the leadership of the Muslim community. Lady Zeinab (SA) accompanied him, as did most of his household. After Imam Hussein’s death at the Battle of Karbala, Lady Zeinab (SA) was taken prisoner by the army of Yazid, Mu’awiyah’s son and successor. Lady Zeinab (SA) and the other survivors of Imam Hussein’s expedition, most of them women and children, were marched to Damascus, Yazid’s capital, where they were held prisoner. Lady Zeinab (SA) was in anguish due to the death of her brother Imam Hussein (AS) and her sons Aun and Muhammad.

Eventually Yazid released his captives and allowed them to return to Medina. It is said that Lady Zeinab (SA) did not long survive the return, and died circa 682 CE. The anniversary of her death is said to be either the 11th or 21st of Jamadi uth-thani, the 24th of Safar, or the 16th of Dhu’l-Hijjah.

Lecture in Kufa

On Muharram 11 (October 11, 680 CE), all captives including all women and children were loaded onto camels without neither saddle nor sunshade and were moved toward Kufa. And when they approached Kufa, its people gathered to see them. Some women of Kufa gathered veils for them upon knowing that they are relatives of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hh).

Lady Zeinab (SA) pointed at the people to be quiet. Everybody halted and kept silent. Then she addressed the people of Kufa:

The praise is exclusively attributed to Allah. And greetings to my father (grand father), Muhammad, and to his pure and benevolent family. And then, Oh people of Kufa! Oh deceitful and reneger people! Do you weep? So let tears not be dried and let groans not be finished.... Beware, such a bad preparation you have made for yourself that Allah became furious of you and you will be at punishment forever. Do you weep and cry? Yeah, by Allah, do weep numerously and do laugh less! Since you brought its shame and fault on yourself and you will not be able to cleanse it forever…

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