Revealing of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.)

Life of Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari

A drought took shape in one of the years in Samarra. 'Mo'tamid' the Abbasid Caliph ordered people to proceed...

A drought took shape in one of the years in Samarra. "Mo’tamid" the Abbasid Caliph ordered people to proceed to the desert and pray for rain.

People did go to the desert for three days consecutively but rain did not fall. The next day, the Christians along with their scholars went to offer prayer and it rained.

This event, brought into effect a great zeal, fervor and excitement among the Muslim masses. The hearts of the Muslim got attracted towards the Christians. Mo’tamid, the Abbasid Caliph was very much perturbed, dismayed, and desperate over it. He sent a word for "Imam Askari (a.s.)" in the prison, and summoned him to his court and asked him about the solution to that problem.

Imam Said, "Tell them to go to the desert tomorrow for the sake of rain. They did so and Imam (a.s.) followed them with a great mob of people, following him to disclose and unveil the fact out of this matter. The Christians raised their hands towards the sky and prayed to God for rain. Not very long had passed that a cloud appeared and it started raining. Imam (a.s.) ordered that the hand of one of the Christians, which was raised up, be held and whatever was concealed among his finger folds be taken out. They observed a black bone and took it out of his fingers. They presented that bone to Imam (a.s.). He wrapped it in a piece of cloth and then told him to pray after that, for rain to fall.

As soon as the Christian rose his hands all the clouds scattered and the sun appeared shinning. All the people were surprised and astonished at it. The Caliph asked Imam (a.s.) what was the secret of that affair. Imam (a.s.) replied, "This is a piece of bone of one of the Prophets of God which they have picked up from his grave." They swear to God and ask him for the sake of this bone. God grants their desire and prayer and makes the rainfall and whosoever will hold this bone the same thing will occur. After a test of it in the presence of people, what Imam (a.s.) said proved evidently correct and all of them praised the Imam (a.s.).

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