52- His Supplication Imploring God

Al-Sahifa Al-Sajadiyya

His Supplication in Imploring God O God, from whom nothing is concealed in earth or heaven...

52- His Supplication in Imploring God O God, from whom nothing is concealed in earth or heaven! How should what Thou hast created, my God, be concealed from Thee? How shouldn't Thou not number what Thou hast made? How should what Thou governest be absent from Thee? How should one who has no life except through Thy provision have the ability to flee from Thee? How should one who has no road except in Thy kingdom escape from Thee? Glory be to Thee! He among Thy creatures who fears Thee most knows Thee best, he among them most bent in humility is most active in obeying Thee, and he among them whom Thou providest while he worships another is most contemptible before Thee! Glory be to Thee! He who associates others with Thee and denies Thy messengers diminishes not Thy authority. He who dislikes Thy decree cannot reject Thy command. He who denies Thy power keeps himself not away from Thee. He who worships other than Thee escapes Thee not. He who dislikes meeting Thee will not be given endless life in this world. Glory be to Thee! How mighty is Thy station, overpowering Thy authority, intense Thy strength, penetrating Thy command! Glory be to Thee! Thou hast decreed death for all Thy creatures, both him who professes Thy Unity and him who disbelieves in Thee; each one will taste death, each one will come home to Thee. Blessed art Thou and high exalted! There is no god but Thou, Thou alone, who hast no associate. I have faith in Thee, I attest to Thy messengers, I accept Thy Book, I disbelieve in every object of worship other than Thee, I am quit of anyone who worships another! O God, I rise in the morning and enter the evening making little of my good works, confessing my sins, admitting my offenses; I am abased because of my prodigality against myself. My works have destroyed me, my caprice has ruined me, my passions have deprived me. So I ask Thee, my Master, the asking of him whose soul is diverted by his drawn out expectations, whose body is heedless because of the stillness of his veins, whose heart is entranced by the multitude of favours done for him, whose reflection is little concerning that to which he is coming home; the asking of him whom false expectation has overcome, caprice has entranced, and this world has mastered, and over whom death has cast its shadow; the asking of him who makes much of his sins and confesses his offense; the asking of him who has no Lord but Thou, no friend besides Thee, no one to deliver him from Thee, and no asylum from Thee except in Thee. My God, I ask Thee by Thy right incumbent upon all Thy creatures, by Thy mighty name with which Thou commanded Thy messenger to glorify Thee, and by the majesty of Thy generous face, which ages not, nor changes, nor alters, nor passes away, that Thou blessest Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, that Thou freest me from need for all things through worshiping Thee, that Thou distractest my soul from this world through fear of Thee, and that Thou turnest me back toward Thy abundant generosity through Thy mercy! To Thee I flee, Thee I fear, from Thee I seek aid, in Thee I hope, Thee I supplicate, in Thee I seek asylum, in Thee I trust, from Thee I ask help, in Thee I have faith, in Thee I have placed my confidence, and upon Thy munificence and Thy generosity I rely.

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