Imam Hassan(as)'s Hadith

Sayings of Imam Al-Hassan

Maxims by Imam Hassan peace be upon him when asked what piety is, Imam Hassan, peace be upon him replied...

1- Maxims by Imam Hassan peace be upon him when asked what piety is, Imam Hassan, peace be upon him replied : " yearning for virtue and no longing for this world . "

2- When asked what manliness is . Imam answered : " protection of religion, self-respect, lenience, benevolence, discharging one's duties, and showing amity towards people .

3- When asked what generosity is, Imam said : donation before request and feeding poeple during drought .

4- When asked what parsimony is, Imam said : to consider what you have as dignity and what you spend as waste .

5- When asked what freedom from want is, Imam said : Being satisfied with one's destiny, however maeger it may be .

6- When asked what poverty is, Imam said : greed for everything .

7- When asked what dignity is, Imam said : agreeing with friends and maintaining good neighbourly relations .

8- When asked what meanness is, Imam said : self- centredness and having no regard for one's wife .

9- The person who takes refuge in God is relaxed and secure where as his enemy is fearful and friendless .

10- Be careful with God by frequently remembering Him, and be fearful of God by being pious, and approach God through obedience, for indeed He is near and responsive .

11- The greatness of those who came to know his greatness lies in their modesty . The dignity of those who came to know His glory lies in their humbleness . The security of those who came to know His power lies in their submission to God .

12- You should know that God has not created you for no reason and that has not left you to your own . He has determined your life time and divided your sustenance among you so that every wise man know his share and understand what- ever he recieves has been predestined and that he would not receive that which does not belong to him . God has provided you with sufficient in come to have enough time to worship and thank Him . He made rememberance and prayer obligatory and recommended you to be pious to gain his utmost satisfaction .

13- O' servants of God ! Do have God fearing and do know that God enables God fearing persons to overcome trials, and to succeed in their affairs . He will also smooth the path of right for God-fearing people .

14- Only those people who are properly guided consult one another .

15- Meanness is to fail to thank God for His blessing .

16- In quest, do not take victory for granted, do not trust predestination like the yielding, for it is a fradition to be in quest of sustenance . Thus, moderation in search of one's livelihood comes from chastity which is not on the way of sustenance .

By the same token, avarice does not increase sustenance . In deed, sustenance has been predestined and avarice brings about sins .

17- One is free as long as has not promised . However when one promises, he shoulders responsibility and shall not be released until he fulfils his promise .

18- The person having confidence in God's free-will ( satisfied with divine destiny ) dose not wish to be in a state other than the one chosen for him by God .

19- The good without evil is thanking for the blessing and patience in clamities and hardships .

20- Imam, peace be upon him, said to a man just cured from a disease : God remembered you, then you remember Him . He pardoned you, you  should thank him .

21- Whoever regularly goes to the mosque will enjoy one of the following eight benefits : a decisive verse, access to a helpful brother, new knowledge, an expected mercy, a word leading him to the way of salvation or salvation or saving him from death, quiting sins out of public shame, and God-fearing .

22- Indeed, the eyes with most clear- sightedness are those penetrating good, the ears with sharpest hearing are those benefiting from advice, and the

purest hearts are those without any doubts .

23- A man asked Imam Hassan peace be upon him, " I have a daughter, whom should she marry ? " A man", answered the Imam, " of faith and God fearing for if

he loves her,he will respect her, and should he hate her won't do injustice to her".

24- Indeed, this world offers no everlasting blessing, nor one is immune to its damages and evils . The world is a sham standing on the way to happiness, an unrelieble support .

25- O' Servants of God ! Take advice from example, be admonished by the ffects of ancients, stop disobedience by remembering His blessings

and benefit from pieces of advice .

26- Indeed, God made Ramazan a racing field of His people so that take precedence to obtain His consent by obeying Him .

27- I Swear by God, if the veil is lifted, it will be revealed that benefactors are engaged in benefaction and that malfactors in wickedness .

28- O' My son Fraternize nobody before knowing his distiny or origin . Thus, after having come to know him and after having accepted to keep company with him, enter in to a fraternity, provided you could pardon his blunders and help him in hardships .

29- When asked what fear is, Imam, peace be upon him, replied . Showing bravery towards friends and running away from enemies .

30- Infamy is easier than entering the Hell .

31-Foolishness is tending to meanness and keeping company with the misguided .

32- Imam, peace be upon him, described his benefactor brother as follows : I thought him to be the greatest of all . The secret of his greatness lay in his low opinion of this world . Ignorance had no control on him . He did not take any action unless he made sure that the action was useful . He never complained,nor, did he get angry and distressed . He was silent for the greater part of his life time and when he spoke, he was the most eluquent of all . He looked weak ; how ever, he fought as bravely as a lion . At the precence of scholars, he preferred listening to speaking . He spoke whenever it was necessary, never saying anything he did not act upon and acting upon things he did not speak about . When faced with two alternatives he was not sure which one was more pleasing to God, he considered the alternative less pleasing to himself . He did not blame anybody for doing something for which there existed an acceptable excuse .

33- An irrational person is rude, and a person with no ambition lacks manliness, An infidel has no shame . Wisdom causes one to keep good company with people . Happiness in both worlds is obtained by wisdom .

34- I am astonished to see people thoughtful of their food, but unthoughtful of their spiritual nourishment . They protect themselves against harmful food, but fail to reject dirty and mean thoughts .

35- Imam, the chosen one, peace be upon him, wore his best attire on prayers . In response to those who had asked the reason, Imam said : " God is beautiful and likes beauty, that is why I adorn myself at His presence .

36- The only permanent phenomenon in this perishing world is Quran . There- fore, let Quran be your Imam and leader to be guided . Indeed, those who apply the teaching of Quran to their conduct, are the most deserving of the Book, not withstanding they have not learnt it by heart . And the farthest people from Quran are those not acting upon it's instructions, though they are able to recite it .

37- O' people ! whoever with sincerity and devotion towards God, listens to His guidance, will be guided to the most righteous path and God will assist him in knowledge and awareness to reach a happy end .

38- A right question is tantamount to half knowledge, tolerance of people is tantamount to a half of reason, and econmny is tantamount to a half of expenditures .

39- The highest degree of cleverness is God-fearing and piety, and the highest degree of ignorance is gratifying one's passions .

40- Friday night, I saw my mother worshipping till dawn bowing down and prostrating herself . She offered petitions to many believers mentioning their names, she did not offer any petition for herself, I therefore, asked her : " Mother, why did not you not offered any petition for yourself as you did for others ? " " My son, " replied she, " Neighbours are to be given priority over the members of the household amd oneself . "

41- Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his progency, said : " Choose to be a friend of the Prophet's family, for whoever meets God while being a friend of our household, will enter Paradise as a result of our intercession .

42- O' people ! I heard my grandfather, the messenger of God, say :

" I am the city of knowledge and Ali, peace be upon him, is the gate to the city . How can one enter a city without going through its gate ?

43- Some body asked Imam Hassan, peace be upon him, : Why are we reluctant to die, why don't we like death ?

" Becaues, " replied the Imam, " You ruined your next world and developed this one ; naturally, you do not like to be transferred from flourrishing to decline .

44- I swear by God, whoever chooses to be our friend, no matter he is kept in captivity in such a remote place as Deylam, our friendship will benefit him . Indeed, our friendship removes Adam's offsprings' sins, as the wind scatters the leaves of trees .

45- Most inhabitants of Kufah wrote Mu'awiya letter to the effect that they support him and that should he wish so, they would capture Imam Hassan,

peace be upon him and bring him to Mu'awiya . Than they plundred Imam Hassan's

tent and injured him . subsequently, Imam Hassan, peace be upon him, wrote

Mu'awiya the follwing letter :

Indeed, this government and the Holy Prophet's succession belongs to me, and

the members of my family being forbidden to you and the members of your family,

that is what I personally heard from the Apostle of God .

I swear by God, If I could find patient friends aware of their right, I would

not yield to you and would deny you your requests .

46- If I could reduce the entire world to one single mursel of food to feed

a pure worshipper, I would feel negligent of my duties to wards him . And if I

could prevent an infidel from enjoying worldly blessing, to the extent that

his life should be endangered for want of food and water, and then I hand him

a glass of water, I would consider myself to be wasteful .

47- To God, the highest- ranking man is the one most familiar with people's rights . And that who is humble towards his brothers in faith, will be put, by God, among the veracious and shi'ites of the king of the Believers Ali, peace be upon him .

48- The Holy Prophet said : No one is a true believer unless he does an evaluation of himself more seriously than the selting of accounts between two partners or between a master and his slave .

49- The Messenger of God, may the blessing of Allah be upon him said : " Making brothers in faith happy causes one's sins to be forgiven .

50- This world is a trouble- some place of trail, and everything therein will decline, God has informed us of its situation so that we could betought a lesson there from . He has warned us against punishment in order that, thereafter, we would not argue with him . Consequently, be pious in this perishing world, and be interested in the enternal, and be God fearing openly and secretly .

51- Abondon what is discretionary when it happens to be in contradiction to what is obligatory .

52- Three things lead people to their destruction . pride, greed and jealousy . Pride undermines faith, and satan was cursed and damned for the same . Greed is the enemy of one's soul and Adam was expelled from paradise for the same reason, and jealousy leads to evil and misery . Cain killed his brother Abel only because of jealousy .

53- Transfer your knowledge to others and also learn from others to enhance your own knowledge and also forover coming your own short comings .

54- Only visit those from whom you hope to be endowed or whose power you fear, or those who benefit . you from their knowledge or those whom you hope would pray for you, or those who are your own relatives .

55- I have never seen a tyrant more similar to the oppressed than a jealous person .

56- Forget about whatever worldly things you aimed to attain but could'nt.

57- Any one whom God blesses with an opportunity to pray, God will accept his prayers and to whom God gives the chance to worship and be obedient, for him He will open the doors of acceptance, and any one who is blessed by Him to thank God, He will open the doors of abundance for increasing his blessings .

58- This question was put forward to Imam Mojtaba . Oh son of Prophet . How are you ? He said : I have a God that controls me while the fire of Hell is infront of me . Death is summoning me and I am surrounded by what I've to give an account of on the day of final Judgement . I'm cought and entangled between my actions and deeds . I can't get what I like and I am unable to get away from what I despise, because all affairs are in the hands

of God . If He chooses He will forgive me . Therefore which poorman is more needy than me ?

59- Giving promises is like aphids in generosity and philanthropy, the remedy is only in fulfillment and accomplishment .

60- Don't be too prompt in punishing wrongdoings and errors;always leave some time for apology between the perpetration of a mistake and punishment .

61- Disasters and hardships are keys to rewards and compensations .

62- A blessing is a Divine test, therefore if you thank God it remains a blessing, but if you are ungrateful it turns in to God's wrath .

63- The benefit you get from your tongue is enough for you to distinguish the path to guidance from the route to aberration .

64- Don't ever regret deep reflection and rationalisation because thinking revives the alert heart and is a key to doors of wisdom .

65- Oh thou the son of Adam ! Since you were born you were busy destroying your life . So try to provide provision for the world hereafter in the rest of your life .

Indeed a true believer makes provision in this world and an unbeliever regales himself and then he recited this verse : " Make provision ( in this world ) indeed there is no provision better than piety . "

66- Some one asked Imam to give him a piece of advice . He said : Get ready for your last journey, and before death arrives prepare yourself some provision and be ware that when you desire this world, death desires for you . To day you shouldn't think about tomorrow's sorrows . And be ware that whatever wealth gathered by you, if it exceeds your daily sustenance, infact is saved for others . And be ware for the lawful wealth of this world will be duly counted, and the unlawful wealth is followed by punishment, and there is reproach in doubtful wealth . Therefore consider this world as a carcass and take only that much that suffices you . In this case if it is lawful, you've performed a virtuous act, and if it is unlawful you haven't committed any sin because it sufficed your urgent need, the same way you may eat a carcass in exigency, and if there is any reproach in it, it will be little and light .

67- Behave, in this world, in such a way as if you will be living forever, and for the world hereafter act in a way as if you'll die tomorrow .

68- If you had to become friends due to a want with a man and associate with him, Be friends with a person whose association adds to your dignity and when you do him a service, he supports you and when you ask him for assistance he helps you and if you say something, he confirms your words and if you attack, strengthens you in your assault and if you asked for something, assists you and if your shortcoming is revealed he covers it and if he sees any good deed performed he takes it into account .

69- One prayer of he who recites Quran is accepted by God either immediately or with some delay .

70- Imam Hassan on whom be peace : The Prophet of God ( P.B.U.H ) has said :

Any one who recites " AYAT- OL- KORSI " ( verses ) after obligatory prayer will be under the protection of God till the next prayer .

71- Any fasting person can have one prayer accepted at the time he opens his fast . So when you take the first morsel to open a fast say : " In the name of God, oh God thine forgiveness is over whelming and abundant . Please

forgive me .

72- Imam Hassan on whom be peace : The Prophet of God ( P.B.U.H ) he said after performing morning prayers anyone who sits in the same place and keeps invoking the name of God until sunrise will have a curtain and a barrier between him and the tormenting fire of God .

73- Whoever is foud of praying, purifies and adorns himself for it.

74- It is becoming of a man on fast to dye his beard and put perfume on his clothes and It is becoming of a woman on fast to comb her hair and put perfume on her clothes .

75- I heard it from my father that the messenger of God said anyone who tries to satify the need of his Muslim brother, his endeavours are equal to nine thousand years of worshipping God with days spent on fasting and nights busy with praying .

76- Giving almstax never results in decrease of wealth .

77- I feel ashamed of my God to meet Him while I haven't performed pilgrimae to the House of God on foot .

78- When one of you meets his friend, you must kiss the place of light on his forhead .

79- He whose death is due asks for time to compensate for the misdeeds of the past and one whose death is not due and has time to perform good deeds, procrastinates .

80- Oh those who seek pleasures of the world ! You should know that they are transitory and taking pride in a shadow that vanishes is absurdity .

81- The greatest forgiveness and pardon of God comes when the sinner is not able to make a pretext for his wrong doing .

82- One who know God, loves God . One who knows the world, the world tries to be chaste, and a true believer never goes after useless things, unless he is taken unawares and when he recohnizes his mistake, he feels sad .

83- God provides everything to one who worships God .

84- He who counts his good deeds compromises the gratitude and benedictions that are due to him .

85- Some body asked Imam Hassan (PBUH ) about the virtues of reticence . He replied . Reticence is a cover for ignorance and beauty honor and respect . And he who observes silence is always easy and calm and the one who associates with him is secure .

86- A man sought guidance of Imam Hussain . The Imam replied : Don't praise me for I know myself much better than you know me and don't consider me a liar for the views of a liar are worthless and never talk light of others before me .

87- Oh son of Adam, abstain from misdeeds to remain pious and be content with what God gives you to remain free of needs . Recognize and implement the right of your neighbour to remain a Muslim and treat others as you would like others to treat you, inorder to remain just .

88- It was asked of Imam, " Whose life is better than all ? " .

He replied : " The one who, he allows participation of people in his life .

89- Being deprived of necessities is better than cadging from the aberrant .

90- Having a sour disposition is worse than affliction and misfortune .

91- Oh you people of Kufa, remember that there is beauty in forbearance and keeping promises manliness, precipitance and haste show lake of knowledge and lake of knowledge imprudence, Fellowship with the mean brings disgrace and shame, and social communication with libertines and sinners creates suspicion and doubt .

92- Have experienced and those who experience have also experienced that nothing surpasses forbearance in effectiveness and nothing is more pernicious as lack of it . With patience all affairs are rectified and nothing else can replace it .

93- I have never seen any right with no wrong in it but death, which is so Similar to wrong with no right in it .

94- Imam Hassan Mujtaba used to raise his eyes upwards before entering the mosque and say : Oh creator your guest is standing in front of your house . Oh the beneficient ! I the uncouth transgressor, have come to your threshhold to ask forgiveness for all my loathsome misdeeds from all the beauties that abound in you, oh thou the merciful and beneficient .

95- There are 12 Points which Should be observed about eating and that every Muslim is required to be informed of . Four of them are compulsory, the other four are the Prophets traditions, and the remaining four are in accordance with the etiquettes and ethics . On compulsory Points :

1- Knowing the Person who feeds you .

2- Being satisfied with what is fed .

3-- Taking the name of Good and being thankful to whatever is endowed .

On Prophet' traditions

1- Performing one's ablution before eating .

2- Sitting on the left leg (Or part of the body) .

3- Eating with 3 fingers and licking them up .

On ettiquettes and ethics

1- Eating What is set before you .

2- Having small morsels .

3- Chewing the food well .

4- Avoiding staring at the others constantly .

96- Jesting eliminates respect and honor .

97- A good deed is one performed without hesitation and Without reminding

that a favor has been done .

98- The blessings of our Creator remain unknown and are taken for granted, as long as they abound and their worth is realized, only when they are gone

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