Married life of the lady of light

The Marriage of Imam Ali

There began the married life of Ali and Fatima. From the first, every chore was divided among them: what was inside the house...

Married life of the lady of light

There began the married life of Ali and Fatima. From the first, every chore was divided among them: what was inside the house, came to Fatima’s responsability, and what was outside of their home came to Ali's responsability.

Their life was very simple, and required many efforts, so much so that Fatima’s hands soon became hurt and painful, from the manual mill...

Finally a day came when Fatima, in utmost despair, asked his father to give her a maid. His father asked which of the two things were more precious to her?

A maid, or something much deeper and much better...? Ali was near them; Fatima, with her husband's help, chose what was the better of the two, and our Prophet concluded that the better thing was indeed a prayer that every muslim should feel grateful and most honored to pronounce it, after the daily prayers. He explained: "You have to say 34 times "Allaho Akbar", 33 times "Alhamdolellah", and 33 times "Sobhanallah "

The fact is, their poverty was because they helped the poor. They gave so much to the needy that the reader may indeed feel confused...

One wishes to know if they were indeed humans, or were they some heavenly creatures, come to Earth?

It is indeed impossible to comprehend such spiritual greatness and generosity and abnegation...

Fatima was a pure example in her life, but also in her ways of praying. When she would finish her chores, and after having taken care of her little children, she used to begin her long prayers In friday nights, she used to pray until dawn, and cry and ask God that the whole humanity be granted the Divine Salvation...

The generous gift of the Prophet

When the day came that the famous combat of Kheybar took place, and after the great heroism of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb before the great gates of Kheybar’s dungeon, the war ended finally, and victory belonged to Muslims.

There was a little village near Kheybar by the name of "Fadak", and its inhabitants had made peace with the Prophet. They had offered him half of their village to make peace with him, and to show him their loyalty, in return, they had asked the permission to remain in their homeland. This piece of land, became a possession of the Prophet. The Messenger of God gave the money that came from his land to the poor families of Bani Hashem Tribe.

But with the coming of the sourate: Roum, [where it said]: You should give your relatives' due﴿, the Messenger of God, offered Fadak to Fatima, by God's Command.

* Farideh Mahadavi-Damghani. August 2001. [from Tir Publishing.

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