General Supplications of Imam Mahdi's (a.t.f.s.)


O Allah! Lord of the Great Light, Lord of the Elevated Throne, Lord of the tumultuous seas, and the revealer of the Tawrah, Injeel, and Zaboor, Lord o

1- Supplication of promise (Ahad)

(1) Dua'a Ahad

O Allah! Lord of the Great Light, Lord of the Elevated Throne, Lord of the tumultuous seas, and the revealer of the Tawrah, Injeel, and Zaboor, Lord of the shadows and the warmths, And the revealer of the Great Quran. Lord of the proximate angels and prophets and messengers. O Allah I beseech thee, for the sake of Your Nobel Visage. And for the sake of Your Enlightening Visage, and Your ever existing kingdom. O Ever Living! O Controller! I beseech Thee in Your Name which lits the heavens and the earths; and in Your Name, by which the ancient and the latter ones become upright. O Ever living who has before every living being. O Ever Living Who shall (exist) after every living being. O Ever Living Who existed when there was no life. O Giver of life to dead. O One Who causes death to the living one. O Ever Living. There is no god except Thou. O Allah send our master the leader, the guide, the guided, the upriser with Your command. Blessings of Allah be on him and his pure forefathers from all the believing men and believing women. In the easts of the earth and it's wests, in its plains and its mountains, its lands and its seas, from me and my parents. Blessings, which are the weight of Allah's throne and ink of His words, and whatever His knowledge enumerates and His book encompases. O Allah renew for him my covenant, pledge and allegiance on my neck in the morning of this day of mine and whatever days (of my life) I live. I shall never turn away from it nor let it ever vanish. O Allah appoint me among his helpers, aides, and his protectors. Those who hasten to fulfill his commands and obey his orders. Those who are his supporters and compete with each other to (fulfill) his intention and seek martyrdom in his presence. O Allah! If death occurs between me and him (before the reappearance) (death) which you have made obligatory and decreed for your servants, then raise me from my grave, wrapped in my shroud, my sword unsheathed, my spear bared, answering the call of the caller in cities as well as deserts. O Allah! Show me the rightly guided face of (Imam a.s.), the praiseworthy moon (referring to the face of Imam a.s.) and enlighten my vision by looking at him. And hasten his reappearance, make his arrival smooth, vasten his path, make me tread on his way and implement his authority and strengthen his back. O Allah inhabit Your cities through him and give life to Your servants due to him for surely You have said and Your word is truth, "Corruption will become rampant in land and on sea because of the evil which men's hand have earned" Then O Allah manifest for us Your slave and the son of Your Prophet's daughter, whose name is the same as that of Your messenger, so that nothing from falsehood is victorious except that he tears them (falsehood) to pieces, establishes the truth and the truth confirms him. And O Allah! Appoint him as a refuge for Your oppressed servants and a helper for the one who does not find any helper for himself except You and the renewer of all the laws of Your book which have been tampered with and the rebuilder of the science of Your religion and the traditions of Your Prophet (peace of Allah be on him and his progeny) and O Allah! make him among those whom you have protected from the evils of the adversaries. O Allah! and provide joy to Your Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him and his progeny) by his vision and (the vision of) the one who follows him on his call and have mercy on our poverty after his arrival O Allah remove his sorrow (of occultation) from this nation with his presence and hasten for us his reappearance. They (the disbelievers) consider it to be distant while we consider it to be near. For the sake of Your mercy, O the most Merciful of all Mercifuls.

Then one should gently strike his right thigh with his palm and say.

Hasten! Hasten! O my Master, O Master of the era.

2-Supplication of Maa'refat (Enlightenment) during the time of Ghayba

O Allah introduce Yourself to me. For if You don’t introduce Yourself to me I will not recognize Your Prophet. O Allah introduce Your Messenger to me for if You don’t introduce Your Messenger to me I will not recognize Your Proof. O Allah introduce Your proof to me for if You don’t introduce Your proof to me I will deviate in my religion. O Allah don’t let me die the death of ignorance and do not turn my heart after guidance. O Allah when you have guided me to the guardianship of the one whose obedience is incumbent on me who is the master of Your affair after Your Messenger. Peace be on him and his progeny. So I became attached to the master of your affair, Amirul Momineen, Hasan, Husain, Ali, Muhammad, Ja’far, Musa, Ali, Muhammad, Ali, Hasan and Hujjat al-Qaim Mahdi, Your bliss be on them all. O Allah, keep me steadfast on Your religion, keep me prepared for Your obedience all the time and keep my heart soft for the master of Your affair. Save me from those trials in which You involve Your creatures. And keep me steadfast on the obedience of Your Wali whom You have concealed from the view of Your creatures. Who is waiting for Your command and You are the learned without being taught, about the time when the circumstances of Your Wali will be reformed and when he will reappear and the veil of occultation shall be opened. Then give me patience so that I don’t make haste in what You have delayed or that I be inclined to the delay of that which You want to hasten. And that I do not ask of the exposition of what You have concealed. And search for that which You have concealed. Or that I should be dissatisfied with what You have decreed. And I should not say why and how the hidden Imam is not reappearing while the world is fraught with injustice and oppression. I have entrusted all my affairs to You. O Allah, I ask You to let me see the incomparable elegance of Your Wali when his rules shall be enforced. I know that the proof, argument, evidence, exigency, intention and strength is all for You only. So do this favor on me and the believers that we see Your Wali Amr. Your bliss be on him and his progeny. In this way should His command become apparent and his guidance should become clear. He is one who brings out from misguidance to guidance and one who cures from the malady of ignorance. O Lord, reveal his countenance, make his pillars firm and include us among those who witness his incomparable elegance. And give is the good sense (Taufeeq) to serve him. And that we may die on his faith and are raised in his army.

O Allah, protect the hidden Imam whom You have created from every kind of mischief, whom You brought from nonentity to being, whom You created, raised up and gave a form. And protect the Imam from the evil that comes to him from the front and from behind. From right and the left. From above and from below. Keep him in Your protection. In a protection after which none can harm him. And through him protect the Prophet and the successor of the Prophet. O Allah, give the Imam of the Age a long life. Increase his lifespan. Help him in the Wilayat and rulership that you will grant to him. He is the guided one, one who will establish the truth, the pure, pious, sincere, satisfied, pleasing, patient, one who makes effort in the way of Allah and the thankful one. O Allah, do not destroy our certainty due to the prolongation of his occultation and due to lack of news about him. Give us perfect faith in his remembrance, in his awaiting and in him. Do not make us careless of our duty of praying for him and for invoking divine blessings on him. Do not make us fall in despair for his reappearance and we should have firm certainty in his advent like we are certain of the advent of Your Messenger. And like we have faith in all that was revealed on the Prophet. Make our faith in these things strong. Till You make me walk the path of guidance by the Great Proof and the middle path. Give us the capability of his obedience and keep us steadfast in following him.

Include us among his forces, his friends and his helpers. And make us among those who are satisfied with each of his actions. And don’t deprive us of this bounty; neither in the lifetime nor at the time of death. Till we die on the same faith and certainty. Make us not among those who doubt or those who break the covenant or those who fall in sloth or those who deny. O Allah, hasten his reappearance and help him and help those who help him. Abandon whose who desert him and destroy those who are inimical to him and those who deny him. Through his being make the true religion apparent. Through him destroy falsehood. Through him save the believers from degradation. Inhabit the cities through his blessings. Eliminate the oppressors of disbelief through him. Destroy the strength of the leaders of the misguided ones and humiliate the tyrants and disbelievers through him. Through his destroy all the hypocrites, oath-breakers, irreligious that live in the east and the west of the earth, on land and on water, in plains or hills so that neither their cities should remain nor their vestiges. And that Your cities may be purified from them.

And cure the hearts of Your servants from them, and through the Imam of the Age revive all that has been destroyed from Your religion, all the laws that have been changed and all Your practices that have been altered. Through the Imam reform all these things so that Your religion get a new lease of life and becomes perfect.

The divine laws should become worthy of being followed without any hesitation and innovation. Due to his just rule the fire of disbelief should be extinguished because he is the one whom You have kept especially for Yourself. Whom You chose for helping Your Prophet. You chose him for Your knowledge and protected him from sins and immune from all defects. And You informed him of the secrets of the Unseen and sent Your bounties upon him. You kept him away from every impurity and clean from every ignorance and disobedience. O Allah, bless them and their purified forefathers. And on their prominent Shias; and fulfill his hope. And keep this supplication of us pure from every doubt and show-off. So that we do not intend to please anyone but You. O Allah, we beseech in Your court that our Prophet is also not among us. And our leader is also hidden from us. We are surrounded by hardships and trials of the world. The enemies have got an upper hand over us.

Your opponents are more and our numbers are few. So, Allah, save us from these calamities at the earliest and give us victory through the just Imam. O the true deity, accept our plea. O Allah, we beseech You to permit Your Wali to express Your justice among Your servants and that he may slay Your enemies till there does not remain any caller to oppression. O Lord, demolish the pillars of oppression and destroy the foundations of tyranny. Demolish their pillars and blunt their sword.

Make their weapons useless. Lower their flags and eliminate their fighters. Put discord into their forces. O Lord, send down hard stones upon them and hit them with Your sharp sword. Do not turn away the severity of Your chastisement from the criminals. Send down chastisement on the enemies of Your Wali and the enemies of Your Messenger through the hands of Your Wali and the hands of Your servants. O Lord, suffice for Your Hujjat and Your Wali in the earth from the fear of their enemies. And nullify the plots that they devise for him. Imprison in the circle of evil one who intends bad for the Qaim. Remove the mischief of the world through his blessed existence and put awe into the hearts of his enemies. Make the steps of his enemies waver. Leave his enemies confused and send down severe chastisement on them. Degrade them among Your servants. Make them accursed in Your cities. And put them in the lowest level of Hell. And send your worst punishment for them. Fasten them with fire and fill the graves of their dead with fire. And tie them with the fire of Hell. They are the same who considered Prayer unimportant, who followed their base desires and humiliated Your servants. O Allah, revive the Quran through Your Wali. Show us its effulgence which is permanent and in which there is no darkness. Enliven the dead hearts through him. Cure the hearts which are full of malice. And through him bring together on truth different selfish desires. Through him revive the laws that have been made obsolete so that the truth becomes triumphant and justice is established. O Lord, include us among his helpers. That we may strengthen his rule and be of those who follow his commands and are satisfied with each of his actions. Make us of those who submit to his commands. Make us such that people do not have to resort to dissimulation from us. O Lord, You are the only one who saves from every harm. You answer the prayer of the helpless. You save from great sorrow and pain. Thus O Lord, remove every harm from Your Wali. Appoint him as Your Caliph on the earth as You have decided about him. O Lord, do make me of those who dispute with the Aale Muhammad and don’t make me among their enemies. Don’t make me one who is displeased and angry with Aale Muhammad. Thus I seek Your refuge from this; so please give me refuge. And I beseech You to grant me. O Allah, bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and make me successful with them in the world and the hereafter and make me from those who are proximate to You.

Note: In his book, Jamalul Usboo, the author mentions the above Dua and emphasizes that it must be recited after the Asr Prayer on Fridays

3- Supplication during the time of Occultaion

O’ Allah1 You have defined Yourself to me and have defined Your Messenger to me, You have defined Your Angels to me, You have defined Your Prophets to me and You have defined to me the leaders of Your affairs. O’ Allah! No one shall take except from what You have given, no one is rescued except those You have preserved. O’ Allah! Don’t deprive me from the rank of Your intimate friends, and don’t change my mind after being guided. O’ Allah! Guide me to the guardianship of those you have make incumbent for me to follow

4- Supplication during the time of Occultation

O’ Allah! Define Yourself to me, indeed if You did not define Yourself to me I wouldn’t know You, O’ Allah define Your Prophet to me, indeed if You did not define Your Prophet to me, I wouldn’t know him, O’ Allah! Define Your proof to me, indeed if You did not define Your proof to me, I would be misguided from my Religion.

5- Supplication of Ghareegh (Drowned) during the time of disappearance and absence

Ya Allah O

Ya Rahmon O

Ya Raheem,

O You, Who turns the hearts, turn my heart to your path and way and establish it there

6- Supplication during the time of disappearance and absence

O You, Who raised and honored family of Abraham, and family of Israel over the rest of the world with His choosing,

The one Who shows in skies and Earth signs of his power and strength,

The one Who invited Mohammad; Send your salutations, greetings, blessings, and grace onto Mohammad and the children and family of Mohammad, and Mohammad’s family to His own secrets,

(Send your salutations, greetings, blessings, and grace onto Mohammad and the children and family of Mohammad) Place me in the army of your Emam the one who is the light for your believers, and assign me as one of his helpers.



In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and hasten their relief (O’ the Merciful of the merciful (70) seventy times).

O’ Allah encompass the enemies of the families of Your Prophet and those that oppressed them and the enemies of their followers and enemies of those that gave allegiance to them with entire evil, and overflow them with evil, and silent them with unbearable night and with unsaved time and quickly retaliate from them and burn their heart with the wrath of Your Hell fire.

O’ Allah! Scattered their unity, disunite their gatherings, change their plans, turn their banners upside down, destroy their homes and make their life span very near, let their afflictions between themselves, and let us be free from them and held them with intensive responsibility.

O’ Allah! Impose sufferings and illness on their body and tighten their means of sustenance and deprive them of their properties, and distract them of their way and cut Your assistance from them and reduce their population.

O’ Allah! Protect the followers of the household of Your Prophet peace be on them from their evils, and free them from their plots, deceits and afflictions. Help them with Your Grace and unite their words and their gatherings, administer their affairs and teach them what is known to them, let them see what is unseen to them, elevate their words and make it very exalted and make very low the words of the enemies

8- Supplication of Faraj (Opening the door of blessing)


O’ my Lord, the affliction is great, the concealment has go away and the veil is uncovered, and the hope has come to and end, the Earth has become tightened and the Heaven has averted, You are the helper and unto You we laid our complain, we rely on You when on difficulties and when on comfort.

O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the leader whom You have made their obedience incumbent on us and defined their rank to us, so relief us such a quick relief for their sake within twinkle of eye or even closer than that, O’ Muhammad, O’ Ali, O’ Ali, O’ Muhammad, suffice me indeed both of you are worthy of that, help me, indeed both of you are worthy of that, O’ my master, O’ the leader of the time, relief, relief, relief, accept me, accept me, accept me, this time, this time, this time, quickly, quickly, quickly, O’ the most merciful of the merciful by the sake of Muhammad and his purified family.

9- Supplication of Faraj (Opening the door of blessing)

O Allah, terrible was the calamity, and its evil consequences are visible,
the covering has been removed, (all) hopes have been cut off, the
(plentiful) earth has shrunk (with very little to spare), the heavenly
blessings have been withheld. You alone can help, we refer our grief
and sorrow to You, we have full faith in You, in the time of distress, as well as in good fortune.

O Allah, send your blessings, salutations, greetings, and grace onto
Mohammad and onto the children, and family of Muhammad,
whom we must obey as per Your command, through which we become aware of their rank and status, and bring close and immediate O Allah their freedom and removal of any hardship or pain by the one who is standing and waiting (Mehdi a.s.) and show and make obvious his power and glory.

O you Mohammad O you Ali, O you Ali O you Mohammad, give me sufficiently, because you both give sufficiently

O you Mohammad O you Ali, O you Ali O you Mohammad, help me, because you both are the best supports and help

O you Mohammad O you Ali, O you Ali O you Mohammad, save me, because you both are the best saviors and protectors

O you my Master, O the living Emam, O you my Lord, you the owner of the world and this age (Mehdi a.s.), O you my Master, O the living Emam, O you my Lord, you the owner of the world and this age, O you my Master, O the living Emam, O you my Lord, you the owner of the world and this age


Reach and assist me! Reach and assist me! Reach and assist me!

Save and protect me, save and protect me, save and protect me

10- Supplication


O’ Allah, O’ the creator of the elevated roof and the unmovable flat land, the provider of substance to the disobedient and the obedient ones who has no other guardian and mediator besides him.

I requested You by Your name when mentioned on difficult means it turns it to ease, when it was place on the mountain it becomes like a scattered dust, when it was raised to the Heaven it open all the locks, when it was descend to the darkness of the Earth it expand its tightness, when it was supplicated for a death he would be resurrected from his grave, it brings to existence when call with it for the none existence, the heart becomes scared out of submissiveness when it was mentioned to it, and the eyes overflow tears when it sounds to the ears.

I asked You by the sake of Your supported Messenger with miracles, who was sent with coherent signs, and by the aske of the commander of the faithful Ali son of Abi Talib, whom You have chosen as his brother, his trustee, and has selected him as his equivalent and relation in marriage.

And by the sake of the leader of the time of Al-Mahdi, whom different views shall combine to follow, and shall join between various minds, through him the rights of Your intimate friends shall be extracted, through him You shall retaliate the evils of Your enemies and fill the Earth with good and justice through him, with his reappearance You shall expand the servant’s favoured gratefulness. And return the fact to its place with honoured and praised and shall return the Religion and new through his hand, send blessing on Muhammad and on he family of Muhammad, I am seeking intercession through them before You, I presented them as intermediary for my demands before You, to grant me the gratification of Your bounties, and grant me success of knowing him and the guidance to his obedience, increase my strength to attached with his infallibility and following his customs, and make me among his group, indeed You hear all the calls with Your mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful

11- Supplication of Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)

SUPPLICATION OF IMAM (may our souls be sacrifice for him).

O’ my Lord, for the sake of those that whisper upon You, and for the sake of those that call upon, You on the land and on the sea, to grant the poor among the believing men and women with richness and wealthy, and recovery and good health to the ill ones among the believing men and women, and favour to the living believing men and women, and upon the strangers among the believing men and women return to their home town with good condition, and successfulness by the sake of Muhammad and the whole of his family.

12- Supplication of Sahmo llayl for asking for ones wishes


O’ Allah! I am requesting from You by the mightness, strength and pride of Your glory, with the extent of Your severe strength with emphasis of laudation and glorification of Your greatness, with the sublimity, increase and elevation of Your exaltedness, with the continuation, external and persistence of Your time, with the pleasure, forgiveness and security of Your mercy, with the realities of fact among Your right, with the concealed out of Your mysteries, with the fastening glory among Your Glories, with the yearning of meaning to relief the desirous, with burnt, submissions and the sigh of the scared ones, with the hope of the actions and sayings of the struggles, with the humbleness, submission, intermission and the bitterness of the tolerant, with the worships, right prayers, glorifications and patients of the worshippers.

O’ Allah! The senses has become distracted, the sight has been diminished, the understandings has perished, the imaginations has become confused, the mind has been shortened, the suspicion is far away from perceiving the essence of what manifested among the wonderfulness of Your strength, without reaching to the cognizant of the luminescence sparkling of Your heavenly lightening.

O’ Allah that urge movements! The beginning and ending of all the targets. O’ He who brings out the branches and pruning of the vegetation. O’ He who split the boulder fo the unshakable mountains and bring out water from it as helper and life to the creatures, and give life from it to the animals and vegetations, and know what engross in secret thought among the hidden speech and even the language of the Ant.

O’ He whom the Angels of the seven Heavens extol, praise, glorifies, magnifies, and prostrated to the beautifulness and magnificence of the great sayings, and glorifies the Omnipotence of His authority.

O’ He who circulates and continuously brightening and lightening the luminous stars, and know the numbers of the living and the death, send Your blessing on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad the best of the creatures.

And do so and so for me.

(you mention your demands)

13- Supplication of Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)

ANOTHER SUPPLICATON NARRATED FROM HIM (may our souls be sacrifice for him).

O’ Allah! Grant me success in Your obedience, distance us from wrong doings, grant us sincerity in our intention, cognizant of the forbidden things, honour us with guidance and steadfastness, direct our tongue to reason and wisdom, fill our mind with knowledge and perceptions, purify our stomach from forbidden and suspicion things, deprive our hand from oppressions and stealing, avert our sight from immorality and deceptions and block our hearing from nonsense and backbiting.

Grant our scholars with asceticism and admonition and the student with struggle and interest and the listeners with obedience and exhortations and on the sick Muslims with recovering and relaxation, and their death with lenience and mercy and on the old ones with dignity and tranquility and on the youth with repentance and forgiveness and on the women with shyness and decency, and on the wealthy ones with respect and abundance and on the poor ones with patient and contentedness and on those on war with victory and upper hand and on the captives with freedom and relaxation and on the leaders with justice and compassionate and on the citizens with farness and good morals, bless the pilgrims and the visitors to the holy house, bless their provisions and their expense and accomplished what is incumbent on them in Pilgrimage and lesser Pilgrimage with Your favour and mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.

14- Supplication of Noor (Light), from Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)


O’ Light of the light, O’ the administrator of the affairs, O’ He who shall resurrect those in the grave, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, grant me and my followers relief from adversity, way out from grieves, and widen our ways of sustenance, send to us from Yourself what shall delight us and grant us what You possess, O’ the Generous

15- Supplication for removing the hardship


O’ He when the affairs become difficult He open the ways we didn’t imagined, so send Your blessing to Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad and open for me ways out from my difficulties that I didn’t imagined, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.

O’ He when the affairs has become difficult He open ways we didn’t imagined, so send your blessing on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad, open for ways out of my difficulties that I didn’t imagined, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.

16- An Important supplication for granting one’s wishes from Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful, You are Allah, there is no god except You, the Beginner and He who returns the creations. You are Allah, there is no god except You, the Administrator of the affairs, He who resurrects those on the graves.

You are Allah, there is no god except You, the Receiver, the Simplifier. You are Allah, there is no god except You, the Inheritor of the Earth and all that is in it.

I asked You by Your name that You answer if You are called with it, and You give through it if You are asked with it. I asked You by the sake of Muhammad and his holy household and by the sake of their right which you have made incumbent for Yourself, to send Your blessing to Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad to grant my request this time this time.

O’ the chief, O’ the master, O’ the reliever, I asked You by the name by which You named Yourself, which engrosses with it through the hidden knowledge with You to send Your blessing upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and quicken are freedom from this difficulties, o’ He who change minds and sight, O’ He who hears the supplications, verily You possess power over all thing, with Your mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.

17- Supplication for being cured from illness

Whenever His Eminence, Mahdi (a.s) was indisposed he used to write the following supplication on a new utensil with the clay (Turbah) of the grave of Imam Husain (a.s) and wash it with water and drink it:

‘In the name of Allah’ is a medicine

and ‘Praise be to Allah’ is a cure,

and ‘There is no god but Allah’, is a protector,

‘He is the giver of cure’ is the remedy

And ‘He is the savior’ is sufficient

Take away the hardship by the Lord of men; this is the remedy

no ailment will be left

and may Allah bless Muhammad and his Household, the Elite

18- Supplication for removing the hardship


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O’ my Lord; I requested spiritual auxiliaries from You that shall strengthen my general and sectional power till I subdued with my fundamental self and every despotic souls and depressed all its movement till all its power drops and never allow any despotic on Earth until is burnt with the fire of my subjugation.

O’ the powerful, O’ He who possess terrible assault, the one who subdue, O’ He who subdued, I requested from You what You have deposited among Your forcible names that all souls subdued to, to bestowed me with this mysteries at this very time, till all difficulties are made easy and to surmount all impenetrable by Your strength, O’ He who possess substantial strength.

You recite this supplication (3) times early dawn, if possible (3) time in the morning and (3) times in the evening time. If the situation persist the reader should recite the following three times:

O’ the Beneficent, O’ the Merciful, the Most Merciful of the merciful, I requested lenience from You which goes through its measures.

19- Supplication of protection of Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)


O’ the Owners of slaves, the Vanquisher of the parties, the Opener of the closed doors, O’ the causer of all effects, cause an un-demanded ways for us by the sake of there is no god except Allah and Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, peace be on him and on all his progeny.

20- Supplication of Shiah when His Excellency appears


By the name of Allah and His wishes, no one turns away evils except Allah, by the name of Allah and His wishes, no one that do convey goods except Allah, by the name of Allah and His wishes, what ever bounty one possess is from Allah, by the name of Allah and His wishes, there is no power nor strength except that of Allah the Exalted, the Greatest, blessing be on Muhammad and on his pure and holy progeny.

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