Supplications of Imam Mahdi's (a.t.f.s.) for every month

Chapter 5

O' Allah! I am requesting from You with the meaning of the supplication by which You are called by leaders of Your affairs, the trustworthy of Your se

1- Supplication of the month of Rajab

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


O’ Allah! I am requesting from You with the meaning of the supplication by which You are called by leaders of Your affairs, the trustworthy of Your secret, the cheerful ones with Your command, the describer of Your Mightiness, the announcer of Your Greatness. I requested from You what was uttered by Your wishes on them, hence You made them the resources of Your words, the pillars of Your Monotheism, Your signs and Your location that was not at any place vacated for those that knows You, there is no difference between You and them except they are Your servants and creatures, they are unstitch and their mending is in Your Hand, their commencing is from You and their returning is unto You. The support, the witness, the cause of death, deprivation, and protection are all from You.

With them You filled Your Heaven and Your Earth until there is no god except You manifested.

So with that I requested from You, and with the prestigious location from Your mercy, for the sake of Your Location and signs, to send Your blessing upon Muhammad and upon his family and to increase my faith and firmness in Religion, O’ He who is inward in His manifestation and manifest in His inwardness and hidden, O’ He who distinguished between light and gloominess, O’ He who is describe without His true, who was known without remembrance, who created every limit, who witness every thing that is taking place, who cause everything into existence, who enumerates every thing that is counted, He who devoid every none existence, none of the worshiped one that worth pride and generosity beside You.

O’ He who was not conditioned with how, and not located with place, O’ He who is hidden to every sight, O’ He who is continuous, O’ The Everlasting, who knows every thing known, send Your blessing on Your chosen servants, and the selected one among the mankind and to Your intimate Angels, including those ones on row and those on circumambulating.

Bless us in this Our holy month, and in other sacred months that shall come after it, and accomplished Your favour on us, grant us abundant portion, and justify the portion bestowed on us in the sacred month for the sake of Your great and utmost Name that You kept on the noon that make it to illuminate, and on the night that make it darken, so forgive us regards what You know about us and what we didn’t know.

Grant us best protection from sin, and suffice us with Your strength, and bestowed on us with Your good consideration, and don’t direct us to other than You, don’t deprive us of Your benefits, bless us for the years You have written for us, and reform our hidden secrets and grant us security from yourself, let us put the good faith in You for You service and grant us to witness the holy month of fasting (Ramadan) and the days and years after it, O’ the possessor of Majesty and Splendor.

2- Sahifa Mahdi (atfs) -Another supplication of the month of Rajab

Shaykh al-Tusiy has also narrated that a document signed by Imam al-Mahdi (a.s) was received by Shaykh Abu’l-Qasim, Imam al-Mahdi’s representative, mentioning that the following supplication is recommended to be recited in the month of Rajab:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O` Allah I ask You in the name of two grand personalities born in month of Rajab-Mohammad the second of Ali and his son Ali ibne Mohammad.

I seek Your best nearness through both of them. O from Whom good is sought and from Him is asked what He has.

I ask You like a Sinner Confessing his sins which have completely covered him and whose unsound character has bound him down. His bad habits and vices have therefore become protracted. He seeks from You, pardon, a good return to You, forgiveness of his Sins, protection from hell fire and amnesty of his misdeeds for You are O` my Lord! his great hope and worthy of confidence.

O` Allah! I ask You in the name of Your noble affairs and lofty resources to cover me in this year with Your vast Mercy and with Your well-spread bounties and grant me a convincing soul till my descent into the grave and its final destination, where it shall meet its fate.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeىny, ameen.

3- Sahifa Mahdi (ajtfs)- Third supplication of the month of Rajab

O’ Allah! He who possesses abundant favours, restraint benefactions, encompassed blessing, and comprehensive strength, and immense favour and great gifts, beautiful support and plentiful offers.

O’ He who is not described by comparison, and not compared with a counterpart, and He is not overcome by anything with its helpers, O’ He who create and make all provision, He who inspire and make people to pronounce, He originate and commence, He ascends and elevated, He has power to punish but he do good, He who shape things and do it excellently, He who raise objection and notify, He who bestowed and accomplished it, He who give in abundant, He who grant and make it better.

O’ He who is elevated in prestige and was escaped by all sight, He whose kindness is near and traversed peoples notion and thought, O’ He who is alone in His Kingdom and there is no any counterpart to Him in His Authority. He is alone in Benefaction and pride, there is no opposition to Him in His Omnipotence, O’ He who glory of His solemnity is passionate in every movement of kind imaginations, and peoples sight diminish in perceiving His Greatness.

O’ He whose Eyes are constraint to His Solemnity, and all supervision, succumbed to His Greatness and the minds are apprehensive due to His favour.

I seek from You with this laudation that no one deserved it except You, for what You have made incumbent for Yourself, O’ the best that hear among all hearer,

O’ the best that see among the viewers, O’ He who possess firm strength.

Send Your blessing to the seal of the Prophets and to his holy household ( the truthful leaders), grant me a portion among the goods You have distributed in this holy month and make inevitable for me Your good destiny. Seal all my issues with felicity, let me alive with abundant life, and take my life in happiness and forgiveness, take over my rescue from the problems of the period between death and resurrection (Barzakhiy) and turn away from me the affliction of Munkar and Nakeer , and my eye be of grad tidings and hopeful, let me dwelled in your pleasure and Paradise with a firm and stable living and mighty kingdom, abundant blessing be upon Muhammad and upon his holy family.

Shaykh al-Tusi has also mentioned that the following supplication is recited each day in Rajab:

O Allah: the Lord of the complete favors,
the utter bounties,
the immense mercy,
the all-embracing power,
the vast graces,
the great bestowals,
the nice gifts,
and the abundant donations.
O He Who is not resembled to anything,
and is not likened to any match,
and is not overcome by any supporter.
O He Who has created and then granted sustenance;
and has inspired to understand and then made speech;
and has made and then enacted laws;
and has risen high and then elevated;
and has estimated so perfectly;
and has shaped so excellently;
and has provided arguments so conclusively;

and has bestowed so completely;

and has granted so abundantly;

and has conferred so favorably.

O He Who has elevated so honorably that all sights have missed Him;

and has approached so gently that He has passed all apprehensions.

O He Who has possessed so incomparably that no peer can ever be found for Him in the domination of His power,

and has been so unique in bounties and pride that nothing can oppose Him in the omnipotence of His situation.

O He, the pride of Whose dignity has perplexed even the finest allusions,

and Whose greatness cannot be recognized by even the twinkling of the people’s sights.

O before Whose dignity all faces have humbled themselves,

and to Whose greatness all necks submitted;

and Whom is fear by all hearts.

I pray You in the name of this piece of praise that none deserves save You,

and in the name of that which You have made incumbent upon Yourself for the believers who pray You,

and in the name of Your guaranteeing response for those who supplicate to You;

O the best hearer of all those who can hear;

O the best seer of all those who can see;

O the swiftest in calling to account;

O the Lord of Power, the Strong;

(please do) bless Muhammad, the seal of the Prophets, and his Household

and grant us a portion of the best of that which You decide in this month;

and choose for me the best act that You decide;

and seal for me with happiness;

and adorn my whole life with abundant wealth;

and grasp my soul with happiness and forgiveness of my sins;

and be my Redeemer as regards the Interrogation of the Grave;

and protect me against Munkar and Naker;

and let my eyes see Mubashshir and Basher;

and make the end of my march towards Your pleasure and Paradises

and decide for me delightful living and big kingdom;

and bless Muhammad and his Household very much.

This supplication is also advisably recited at Masjid ¯Sasaah.

4- Supplication of the third day of the month of Sha'baan


O’ Allah, I am requesting from You by the sake of he who was born this day, who was promised of his martyrdom before his inception and birth, The Heaven and all that is in it wept for him, and the Earth and all that is on it also wept for him, when his legs has not touch this earth, he whose martyrdom is very painful and a leader whose martyrdom always remain in mind, who was strengthen with victory the day he was attacked, who was recompensed by the Imams from his offspring for his killing, whose soil is medication, in his returning there is victory with him, and the legacies from his progeny after occultation of he who shall stood firm among them, until the witness bows and the revolutionaries will revolt and crush the oppressors and they will be the best of his helper, may Allah’s blessing be on them with the variation of day and night.

O’ Allah for their sake I invocate to You, I am asking You the request of the wrong doers confessing that I have committed evils to my soul and I am among those who has forsaken in his days and nights, seeking for protection till the place of his tomb.

O’ Allah bless Muhammad and his holy progeny and resurrect us in their group and accommodate us in the house of high repute and place of dwelling. O’ Allah as You have bless us for knowing him bless us by closeness to him and grant us his company and make us among those that shall surrender to his command and among those that shall pray for him when he was mentioned and to the whole of his trustee and the chosen ones, whom was extended to twelve in number, the luminous stars and the proofs on the whole mankind.

O’ Allah grant us the best gift of this day, and grant us success in all our request, as You have given Husain to Muhammad his grandfather peace be on him and on his holy family, and You protected Futures in his cradle, so we seek refuge through his holy tomb after him, we witness his soil and awaiting his return, (Amen) May God accept it, the Lord of the worlds.

5- Supplication of the eve of Half (15th) of the month of Sha'baan


O’ Allah! For the sake of this holy night and he that was born it, You proof that and the appointed one, that You unite its virtue and perfected Your that is truth and Just, there is no change in Your words and there is no reviewer of Your signs, Your light is shining and Your brightness that is luminous and the banner of light in the cloud of gloominess, the concealed one that is absent.

His birth is majesty, his lineage is precious and the Angels are his witness, and Allah is his helper and supporter when the promised time comes, the Angels are his supporter, Allah’s sword that doesn’t turn away, His light that doesn’t hide, who possess forbearance that doesn’t come to an end.

The pivot of the time and the secrets of the time, the leader of the affair, whom the Qur’an has been revealed to, and what have been revealed in the NIGHT OF POWER, the companion of resurrection, the translator of His revelation and the leader of His command and His prohibition.

O’ Allah! Bless their seal and he who stand among them who was hidden from their world, let us witness his days, his reappearance and his risen, and make us among his helper and let our revolution near his own, write our status among his helper and trustee, and grant us life in his smooth government, and let us achieve his companionship and steadfast in his right, and should be rescued from the entire evils.

O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful, and praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, blessing be on the seal of the Prophets and the Messengers and his royal household and his articulated progeny.

Curse be on the whole oppressors and judge between us and them, O’ the best of the Judges.

6- Supplication of Eftetaah (opening)

O’ Allah I am opening laudation with Your praise, You directed Your favour accurately, I am convinced that You are the Most Merciful of the merciful in the position of pardon and blessing, the Severer discipliner in terms of warning and indignations, the greater over-bearing in terms of pride and sublimity.

O’ Allah permit me to supplicate and request from You, hear me, O’ He who hear my laudations, answer my call, O’ the Most Merciful, less my errors, O’ He who forgives.

O’ my Lord! How many trouble You have relief from me! How many anxieties You have unveiled from me! How many errors You have reduced from me! And how many chains of afflictions You have dismounted from me!

Praise be to God who did not possess companions nor was He begotten, and He did not have any associates in his Kingdom, He did not possess a distress friend, He who is the most Greatest.

Praise be to God to the extent of those that praises Him for the whole of His favour, praise be to God who did not have any opposition in His Kingdom, and no one disputes Him in His affairs.

Praise be to God who has no partner in His creation, and no one is similar to Him in His Majesty. Praise be to God who prevailed in creating His issues, who is manifested by His Generosity and Honour, who is openhanded in gift, whose reservoir did not decrease when giving it out, His giving out did not increase Him except Generosity and Honour. Indeed He is the Mighty the Provider.

O’ Allah! I am requesting little from the abundant with You thought my desire to this little is very great and sincere before You are sufficient from it, and it is inevitable to me, which is very simple to You.

O’ Allah! Verily Your pardon for my sin, Your overlooking of my mistakes, Your remission of my oppression, Your veiling of my bad deeds, Your forbearance on my abundant evil, in a situation where my mistakes and my intentionally committed sins is enough for me not to request any thing which I did not entitle from You, after all that You have provided me from Your mercifulness, and have showed me Your power and have acknowledge me Your acceptance, then I insisted calling You with rest of mind.

I requested from You with free mind without fear nor scared, proving to You what I intended in You, if You delayed me some times in accepting my call, I admonish my ignorance in You, may be he delay is the best for me, for Your knowledge of he consequence of all things.

O’ my Lord! I never see a master that has patient on his wicked servant like You. You call me for good but I turn back on You, You showed me Your love in me but I do annoyed You, You showed me likeness but I did not accept it from You, as if I am exalted than You, but this did not prevent You from bestowing Your blessing on me, and Your doing good to me, You put my disposal on Your ignorant servant and bestowed Your mercy on him for the sake of Your goodness, indeed You are Generous and Openhanded.

Praise be to God, the King of the kings, who cause the ship to move, who make the wind subservient, the Creator of the daylight, the owner of the Religion, the Lord of the worlds. Praise be to God for His forbearance after His knowledge, praise be to God for His pardon after having the power to punish.

Praise be to God for His long tolerance after being annoyed, and He possess the strength to execute all His wishes, praise be to God, the creator of the creations, who spread the provisions, who creates daylight, He who possess Majesty and Honour, grace and favour, who is far from sight, but He is close and witness the intimate discussion, be He raise above all.

Praise be to God whom no one disputes with Him, and no any similarity that confirm with Him, and there is no any supporter to assist Him, His prestige subdued all prestigious ones all great me bow down to His greatness and His strength extend to any where He wishes.

Praise be to God, who answered me when I called Him, He veiled all my blames while I still offend Him, He enlarge His favour on me but I can’t recompense Him, how many pleasant endowment He has given me! How many great fear he has rescued from me! How many joys He has showed upon me! So I lauded Him by praising Him, and will mention Him with praise.

Praise be to God, whose veil cannot be exposed, whose means cannot be close, He did not reject those that seek from Him, He did not frustrate those that has hope in Him, praise be to God, who give security to scared ones, and rescued the good servants, He raise the weak ones and disgrace the arrogant ones, He destroy the despotic rulers and succeeded them with others. Praise be to God, the breaker of the arrogant, the eraser of the oppressors, cognizant of the fugitives, who punishes the oppressors, who make the shouters to shout, the place for the request of the needier, the supporter of the believers. Praise be to God, whom due to His Majesty the Heaven and all its inhabitant shakes, the Earth and its buildings shivered, the ocean create waves and those that swim in hi its gulf, praise be to God who has guide us to this path, I couldn’t have been guided if not God who has guided me.

Praise be to God who creates and was not created, He made the provision and provision was not made for Him, He feeds and was not fed, he causes death and gives life to death, He is alive and dies not, He is in the possession of all good things, verily He possess power over all things.

O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad, Your servant, Your Messenger, Your trustee, Your legacy, Your beloved one, the appointed one among Your creatures ,the protector of Your mysteries, the propagator of Your message, with the best, the perfected, the most beautiful, the pure, the clean and abundant blessing, mercy, favour and peace You have not sent to any of Your servants, Prophets, Messenger, sincere and the respected ones among Your creatures.

O’ Allah! Bless Ali the commander of the faithful and the trustee of the Prophet of the Lord of the world, Your servant, Your Guardian, the brother of Your Messenger, and Your proof on Your creatures, Your great sign, and the great news, blessing be on the trustworthy and the purified ones, Fatimah the mistress of the women of the two worlds, blessing be on the two blesses grand sons, the leaders of the right path, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain, the chief of the youth of the paradise.

Blessing be on the leaders of the Muslims, Ali son of Al-Hussain, and Muhammad son of Ali, and Ja’afer son of Muhammad, and Musa son of Ja’afar, and Ali son of Musa, and Muhammad son of Ali, and Ali son of Muhammad, and Al-Hassan son of Ali, and Al-Mahdi the guide and successor, they are Your proves on Your servants and Your trustee in you land, such blessing which is in abundant and continuous to be on them.

O’ Allah! Bless the leader of the affair, the hopeful riser, the awaited just, secure him with Your intimate Angels, and support him with the Holy Spirit, the Lord of the worlds.

O’ Allah! Make him to call to Your Book, to establish Your Religion, make him Your ambassador as You have done to those before him, make possible for him the Religion which You are pleased with, and change his condition to secured one after being in scared, serving You without associating anything with You.

O’ Allah! Honour him and be honoured with him, help him to become victorious through him, help him with a noble helping and open all his means, and create from Yourself for him a supreme supporter. O’ Allah manifest Your Religion through him and the custom of Your Prophet till the truth is not hidden due to fear among Your creatures.

O’ Allah! We are desirous unto You the noble nation, that will honour Islam and the Muslims, and degrade hypocrisy and hypocrites, and grant us among those calling for Your obedience and a guide to Your course, and grant us the honour of this world and the world Hereafter.

O’ Allah! Grant us execution of what You teaches among the fact, and complete what has been decrease due to our negligence.

O’ Allah! Gather all that is scattered through him, mend our crack through him, increase our little number through him, enrich our family through him, pay our damages through him, remedy our poverty through him, satisfy our traits through him, make ease all our difficulties through him, brighten our face through him, free our slavery through him, make us successful in our request through him, fulfil our covenant through him, and through him You accept our prayers, grant our request through him, let us obtain our exception in this world and the world Hereafter through him, and grant us more that our demand through him.

O’ the best that people requested from, He who gives in excess, relief our heart through him, and take away the wrath from our mind through him, guide us to the right path in what we have difference, indeed You guide whomever You wish to the right path, help us against Your enemy and against our enemy through him, O’ Lord Amen!

O’ Allah! We complaint to You for the absence of our Prophet may Your blessing be on him and on his holy family, and the absence of our guard, the high number of our enemy, and our low number, and the affliction on us is very intense and the pretence of the time on us. So send Your blessing to Muhammad and to his holy family and help us with quick victory, and manifest the real leader, and over spread Your blessing on us and cover us with good health, with Your Mercy, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.

7- Supplication of the 23rd day of Ramadan


O’ Allah! I am indebted to Your obedience and Your guardianship, and the guardianship of the commander of the faithful, the beloved one to Your Prophet, and the guardianship of Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain, the grand son of Your Prophet and the chief of the youth of the Paradise.

O’ Lord I am indebted to You the guardianship of Ali son of Al-Hussain, and Muhammad son of Ali, and Ja’afar son of Muhammad, and Musa son of Ja’afar, and Ali son of Musa, and Muhammad son of Ali, and Ali son of Muhammad and Al-Hassan son of Ali and my leader and my master, the leader of the time.

O’ my Lord I am indebted to You for their obedience and their guardianship and have surrendered for what You have confer on them, with pleasant without any denial nor arrogance, base on what You have revealed in Your Book.

O’ Allah! Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and defend Your guard, Your ambassador, Your speech who establish Your Justice, who will dignify Your honour, who will speak on Your behalf, the revealer of Your judgment, Your sight and Your ear, the testimony of Your servant, Your proof on Your creature, the struggle in Your path and the diligent in Your obedience.

Put him in Your deposit that never lost, support him with Your victorious soldiers and assist him, make my parents and their children including me and my children among his helpers and let them assist him in this world and in the world Hereafter, ramify our split through him and mend our fissures through him.

O’ Allah destroy all oppression through him, and mutter whoever show hostility on him and cut off the heads of misguidance till no monk is left for them on the Earth.

8- Another supplication for the advent of the Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.) on the eve of 23rd day of Ramadan


O’ Allah! Offer blessing and peace to be Your guard who will establish You affair, Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi, may the best blessing and peace be on him and his forefathers, at this particular time and other time, as a guard, protector, leader, helper, evidence and supporter till You make Your Earth in subservient to
him, and make him have long and extensive pleasure in it, and including his offspring among the inherited Imams.

O’ Allah, help him and to become victorious through him, let the victory come from You through his hand, let the help and victory come in his presence, and don’t give this responsibility to other than him. O’ Allah manifest Your religion and the custom of Your Prophet through him, till none of the fact is hidden due to the fear of some Your creatures. O’ Allah I desired You in the noble nation, where Islam will be honoured, and the Muslim, then hypocrisy and hypocrites shall be degraded, make us among those calling for Your obedience, and leaders to Your course and grant us favour in this world and the world Hereafter and save us from the Hell fire. Gather for us all the good turns in the two worlds, grant us all that You love in the two worlds. And make them good for us with Your blessing, Amen the Lord of the worlds. Increase Your favour from Your full hand on us. Every donor’s kingdom reduces but Your donation increases Your Kingdom

9- Another supplication for the advent of the Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.)


O’ Allah! Make for Your guard, the proof son of Al-Hassan at this particular time or any other time as a guard, a protector, a leader, a helper, an evidence till You make Your Earth subservient to him, and make him obtain long pleasure in it.

10- Supplication of the Aeid (Celebration) of Ghadeer


O’ Allah I am asking You, verily You worth praising, You are alone without any associates, verily You are one, alone and everlasting, You did not begotten nor were You begotten, and there is no one comparable to You, verily Muhammad is Your servant and Your Messenger, may Your blessing be on him and on his family, O’ He who is at duty every time, as it was Your stature to confer favour on me, to make me among those You answer their prayers, and among those that practice Your Religion, let me among those that call upon You, as You have accord me that right from the commencement of my creation just as a favour and generosity from You.

Then followed be favour, bounty, and Munificence as leniency and mercy from You till You renew my covenant after the renewal of my creation, then I was completely forgotten and negligence, then You complete Your favour on my by reminding me of that, You bestowed and guided me to that.

O’ My Lord, my leader and my master, let among Your duty the perfection of that favour on me and don’t deprive me of that, till You take my life while You are pleasing with me, verily You worth granting and perfecting favour on me. O’ Allah, we heard and shall obey and answer Your call due to Your favour on us, all praise and forgiveness are due to You, O’ our God unto You the whole fate. We believe in God, He is alone without any associate, we also believe in His Messenger Muhammad, may the blessing of Allah be on him and on his holy family, we endorsed and answer the call of God, we followed the Messenger accepting the guardianship of our master and the believers master, the commander of the faithful, Ali son of Abi Talib, the servant of Allah, the brother of His Messenger, the great righteous one and the proof true Religion, the flag bearer of the Religion of God, the treasure of His knowledge the suitcase of Allah’s secrets, the place of Allah’s mysteries, the trustee of Allah on His creatures and His witness among His creations.

O’ Allah, {O’ Lord, we have heard a caller calling us to believe saying, “believe you in Your Lord!” and we believe our Lord, forgive Thou us our sins and acquit us of our evil deeds, and take us to thee with the pious, Our Lord, give us what Thou hast promise us by Thy Messengers and abase us not on the day of resurrection, Thou will not fail the trust}

O’ our Lord, we believe on Your favour and kindness and answer the callers on Your path and we followed and believe the Prophet, and we believe on the master of the believers, we disbelieves on tyrants and idols, we obey those whom You had confer on us as leaders and guardian, resurrect us together with our Imams, because we certainly believe in them and to them we surrender.

We believe in their secrets and their overt, the present and the absent among them, we are pleased for their Imamate, leadership and mastership, they are sufficient to us between us and God without any other of His creations, we don’t wish for their exchange and we don’t take other than them as our confident.

We acquit before Allah with whoever declares war against them, among the Jinn and the mankind from the beginning to the end of the time, we disbelieve the tyrants and idols and the major four idols together with their followers and whoever paid them allegiance among the Jinn and mankind, from the beginning to the end of the time.

O’ Allah, we take You as witness that we believe on what Muhammad and the family of Muhammad has believed on, blessing of Allah be upon him and upon them, our sayings is what they say, our Religion is their Religion, what ever they said is what we say, what ever they adopted we adopt, what ever they rejected we reject, what ever they paid allegiance we pay allegiance to, we revert what ever they reverted, we curse what ever they cursed, we disavow what ever they disavowed from, we have mercy on who ever they have mercy on, we believe, surrender, please and follow our masters, may Allah’s blessing be on them all.

O’ Allah, perfected that for us and don’t deprived us of it, let that be firm and well established with us, and don’t make it a fictitious, let our life in this situation and when You seize our life, on the same situation of the family of Muhammad, they are our Imams, for their memorial we gathered and to them we pay allegiance, we revolt against their enemy who are also the enemy of Allah, let us be among their intimacy in this world and the world Hereafter, verily we aHymns of His Excellency Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.) for Allahre pleased with that, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful…..

11- Hymns of His Excellency Imam Zamaan (a.t.f.s.) for Allah


Glory be to God equivalent to the number of His creation, Glory be to God like He pleased Himself, Glory be to God equivalent to the ink of His worlds,

Glory be to God equivalent to the weight of His Throne, praise be to God equivalent to all that.

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