Supplication after morning prayer

Chapter 3

O' Allah deliver to my master the leader of the time peace be on him greeting and blessing from the entire believing men and women from the whole...

O’ Allah deliver to my master the leader of the time peace be on him greeting and blessing from the entire believing men and women from the whole world including those on the land, sea, mountain, plain earth, the living and the dead ones, also from my parents, my descendants, myself equivalent to the weight of Allah’s Throne and the ink of His words, the utmost of His contentment and equivalent to the number which His Books has counted and the one His knowledge has encompassed, O’ Allah! This morning and everyday I am renewing my covenant and allegiance on my neck.

O’ Allah! As You have honoured me with this honour and favoured me with this favour and has specify this benefaction on me, so send blessing to my master, the leader of the time and make me among his followers and helpers, and those that will melt away from his sake, make me among those that will become martyr before him in obedience to him and not compelled, in the queue which You had described in Your Book, thus You said:

"….. in ranks as though they were a building well-compacted"

Based on obedience to You, Your Prophet and his household peace be on them, O’ Allah! This is an allegiance on my neck till the Day of Judgment.


i) To recite “Ya Fataah” O’ He who opens way of success (for (70) seventy times while placing his hand on his chest after dawn prayer-Subh).

ii) There is no ability and strength except All the Most High and Magnificent, I rely on He who is alive and dies not, thanks be to Almighty Allah who doesn’t possess companion nor descendant and He didn’t possess any deity in His authority, and He did not possess a distress, he who is the most greatest.

iii) In the Name of Allah, blessing be upon Muhammad and his household, I deputize all my affairs to Allah, verily Allah sees all His servants, Allah safeguard him from all their plots, there is no any deity except You, Glory be to You, verily I am among the oppressors. We answered his call and rescued him from grief, that is how we rescued the believers Allah suffice us and the best protector, inverted the favours from Allah and preference that was not touch by evils, to the wish of Allah, there is no any strength and vigor except from Allah to the wish of Allah and not to the wish of mankind, to the wish of Allah even though mankind rejected it.

God suffice me from other gods, Creator suffice me from the creatures, the Provider suffice me from the prosperous ones, Allah suffice me, the Lord of the worlds, it suffice me, He who suffice me, it suffice me He who did not seize from sufficing me, it suffice me He who has been sufficing me, Allah whom there is no god except Him suffice me, unto Him I kept my trust, and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.

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