The Role of Women in the Revolution and in all Areas of the Country

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The most important achievement in (post-revolutionary) Iran is the transformation that has occurred among the Iranian ladies. The...

Date: May 23, 1981 [Khordād 2, 1360 AHS / Rajab 18, 1401 AH]

Place: Jamārān, Tehran

Subject: The role of women in the revolution and in all areas of the country

Audience: Women members of the Jihād of the Isfahān University

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Role of Women in the Revolution and in all Areas of the Country

The most important achievement in (post-revolutionary) Iran is the transformation that has occurred among the Iranian ladies. The Iranian women have played a greater role in this movement and revolution than the men have. Even today, as they are actively serving behind the warfronts, their contribution is greater than the contribution of our men. This is because they are engaged in educating and training our children, whether it is their own children or the children they train and develop in our schools and other places, and are, thus, contributing greatly towards the revolution. The sensitivity that can be found in women is unique to them. Men do not possess such a depth of sensitivity and, thus, the kind of contribution that our women offer behind the warfronts is greater and superior to that of men. Owing to the sensitivity of their nature, they have and are contributing invaluable services towards the warfronts. What is most important is that following the victory of the revolution, our ladies have been striving hard to work alongside or even ahead of our men while yet honoring their modesty and Islamic values. Despite all the efforts of the previous regime at the behest of the plunderers of the world, to afflict our women and to add to the disasters of this country, they failed to succeed by the grace of God.

Today, we find that the honorable Iranian ladies are useful members of society throughout the country and are committedly serving and supporting their country. I am hopeful that they will hold fast to all the Islamic values and will continue to support Islam, armed with their faith and commitment to it. Our ladies have brought up young men and have sent them to the warfronts and take pride in their martyrdom for the cause of Islam and even propose to present Islam with their other young sons. This transformation has occurred in our women because of the Islamic nature of this revolution. The previous regime intended to misuse our ladies and to bring ruin to this great section of our society, in the bargain, destroying the future generations of this country.

However, God Almighty blessed this nation and made its movement victorious and it is hoped that through the commitment shown by our women, this nation and Islam will have a stronger future. I am also hopeful that through the efforts of you respected ladies, our youth and all those serving at the warfronts, shall emerge victoriously from this (imposed) war and shall succeed in contributing constructively to the developmental works of the country. The previous regime had not recognized (the greatness of) you ladies and was under the wrong impression that it could deviate the Iranian ladies like a handful of stray women associated with that regime. But the respected ladies of Iran proved that they have and will never fall prey to such conspiracies. They proved their strong commitment to purity and modesty and proved that their commitment is to present this country with virtuous and brave sons as well as modest and committed daughters. They have also proved that they shall never walk the paths that the big powers have charted out for them in order to ruin this country.

I pray to God Almighty for the health and prosperity of the entire nation as well as the respected ladies and I hope that through your commitment and efforts this country will succeed in attaining its final victory.

Peace and greetings be unto you respected ladies and the entire Iranian nation!

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