A Woman’s Position in the Family

Woman in Society

The basic factor in making a family is the woman, not the man we can have a family without a man. For example, if we assume that the man is absent fro

A Woman’s Position in the Family

The basic factor in making a family is the woman, not the man; we can have a family without a man. For example, if we assume that the man is absent from his family or he is dead, if the woman is wise and governess, she can protect her family. On the other hand, if the woman is absent from the family, the man won’t be able to protect the family. Therefore, the woman is the family member who protects the family.

Islam has given this importance to the woman’s role in the family because if a woman is connected to her family, shows her love, gives much importance for raising up her children, takes care of them, feeds them from her milk, provides them with cultural knowledge, stories, provisions, Quranic stories, stories with lessons, and feed them this knowledge same as she feeds them with food, the society generations will be perfect and wise. [1]

A woman can raise her children in the best way. A mother’s education differs from the education that a child gets in the class. His mother's education is done through practice, sayings, feelings, pampering, and her nearness to her child. Mothers raise their children by living with them. The more righteous, wise, and aware a woman is, the better this education will be. [2]

The role of the mother extends from pregnancy to the end of a person's life. A man who has reached or exceeded the stage of youth is also under the influence of the mother's kindness, love and special behavior. So if our women elevate themselves at the cognitive and intellectual level and at the level of knowledge and information, this role cannot be measured by any role at all, nor by any other cultural and moral influence forever. Sometimes, a mother may have a lack of knowledge, but this, of course, does not affect the stage of adulthood because the lack of information is not considered a lack of the effect of motherhood. The mother transmits to her children with her body, soul and behavior the culture of a people or society, their knowledge, their civilization and their moral qualities, whether she knows it or not. Everyone is under the influence of mothers. Because of a mother, a man becomes a heavenly human being, “Paradise is under the feet of mothers”. [3] [4]

We have to make children kiss their mothers' hands, and Islam emphasizes this. This is also seen in families that are more religious, moral and close to religious concepts. The children in the family should respect their mother. This respect is never incompatible with the emotional and intimate state (which constitutes a unity of state between them) that exists between the child and his mother. This respect should be present, and women should be respected within the family.[5] Even if there is no mother in the family at all or if a wife is unwilling to have children, or cannot for some reasons. The importance of the wife's role should not be underestimated here. If we want a man to be a useful human being in society, the woman in the family should be a good wife, otherwise it is not possible.[6]

Family, a long meeting with Al Imam Al Khaminai, Al Maaref Institution for Translation

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