The Best and Closest Friend

The Mother

Girls whose mothers have no will and are dissatisfied with what they are, have so many problems in making useful and...

The Best and Closest Friend

Girls who aspire towards a promising and bright future need kind, aware and powerful mothers.

Girls whose mothers have no will and are dissatisfied with what they are, have so many problems in making useful and effective connections and sometimes may face mental imbalance in the process of shaping their personalities from the mold of their mothers. Thus making the mother’s role so prominent and important in training the children, especially daughters. In such a way that the mother’s developed personality at different stages of their children’s growth and lives, is reflected in their affection and kindness.

In natural situations, a mother likes to observe all the abilities, beauties, goodness and perfection in her own children. Thus, the mothers’ relations with their daughters have special delicateness, specialties, and sensitivities. Mothers relive their good or bad memories and experiences of their past in their daughters and do their best that those obstacles, social failures, and unpleasant experiences don’t happen to their daughters.

The most important characteristic of the mother-daughter relationship is the daughter’s imitation of their mothers, and this is deeper and more distinguished than the son’s imitation of his father.

Daughters have more opportunities than sons to learn and imitate their mothers’ verbal or non-verbal behaviors at different stages of growth, especially at the preschool period, due to the fact that fathers are often outside of the home. Thus, when a daughter leaves her home and heads off for school generally she shows more social compatibility and can communicate better with her teachers and instructors due to those pleasant and lovely experiences shared with her mother.

It is necessary to mention that a mother can be called successful in fulfilling her motherly and training role, if the family is immune from mental harms and damages such as contempt, threats, insults, lies, gossip, suspicion, accusation and quarrels.

On the other hand, it has been observed that sometimes some mothers unconsciously and rarely consciously try to crystallize special beliefs and behaviors in the personality of their daughters who are growing, since they want to compensate for some of their own failures of the past. But sometimes they trespass the bounds of balance and they have abnormal expectations of their children, or they may even raise them in a way, which is not suitable for their age, wisdom, maturity, and mental and social needs.

It is self-evident that a mother can have the warmest and best communication with her children and is able to respond to their mental and emotional needs if she herself has a healthy relationship with her husband.

Those mothers who have logical and attractive interactions, full of intimacy, are successful in drawing the confidence and reliance of their children and can be their most competent and intimate friends. By having such a mutually emotional and logical relationship, the daughters can benefit from the highest level of mental health, self-confidence and the feeling of being worthy.

Thus, they will be immune from negative interactions and social misbehaviors. They will benefit from the most desirable situations for jobs, life on the whole, and education, and the new shoots of creativity will flourish within their personalities.

This is the reason that in many different societies with different cultures it has been proved that a mother is the center of the family who encourages and elucidates the prosperous path of life for the members of the family.

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