Virtues of Hadrat Khadija (Part 4)

Lady Khadija (a.s.)

Four women have gained spiritual perfection in this world and they are known as the best ladies of the universe: Asiyah,...

8- Supporter of Prophetic Mission and Lover of Imamate

Four women have gained spiritual perfection in this world and they are known as the best ladies of the universe: Asiyah, Mary, Khadija and Fatima. All of them have supported and obeyed leaders and Imams of their time. Asiyah supported leadership and prophetic mission of Moses until her death, Mary tolerated pains and accusations to strengthen pillars of prophetic mission of Jesus Christ, Fatima Zahra supported and defended Imam Ali until her martyrdom. But Khadija was among the true supporters of the prophetic mission. She gave all her life and property to Muhammad (PBUH) for his prophetic mission. She too, was a great supporter, lover and companion of prophetic mission and Islamic leadership.

When Adam looked at the marital life of Muhammad (PBUH) and Khadija (S.A) in the Heaven, he said: “One of Muhammad’s superiorities over me is that his wife cooperated with him in implementation of the commandment of God while my wife encouraged me to disobey God.”‌13

The late Majlesi wrote on affection and amity of Khadija toward Imam Ali (A.S): “After the marriage of the Prophet (PBUH) and Khadija (S.A) [and the birth of Imam Ali (A.S)], the Prophet (PBUH) asked her to show affection and amity toward Ali and Khadija did it to a great deal. She used to send cloths, jewelry, servants, etc. to Ali by her servants so that people used to say, Ali is Muhammad’s brother and one of the most beloved people to him and to Khadija. She sent aids to Abu Talib’s house every day.”14

After the birth of Fatima Zahra (S.A), Khadija became more familiar with Islamic leadership. This is because her daughter Zahra after birth bore witness to monotheism and prophetic mission by saying: “Truly my husband is master of the believers and my children are masters and leaders of the offspring of the Prophet.”‌ Hadrat Khadija had openly accepted leadership of Imam Ali (A.S) and his children at the time his Imamate was yet to be announced.15

The late Mahallati, quoting Majlesi said: “One day the Prophet (PBUH) sent for Khadija and told her: This is Gabriel (Jibril) who says there are conditions to embrace Islam: First, confessing to oneness of God; second, confessing to prophetic mission of the messengers; third, confession to the Day of Resurrection and observing the rules of Islamic Law; and fourth, obeying the prophets and Imams [Ali] and their offspring and taking distance from their enemies.”‌ Khadija confessed all and acted upon his orders.16

In connection with Imamate of Ali (A.S), the Prophet (PBUH) told Khadija that Ali will be your lord and the lord of all believers and their Imam after my death. He then put his hand on Ali’s head and Khadija put her hand on Muhammad’s hand and proved her loyalty to Islamic leadership after the Prophet (PBUH).17

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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