Virtues of Hadrat Khadija (Part 1)

Lady Khadija (a.s.)

The great lady of Islam passed away in the 10th Hejira year at the age of 65. She supported the Prophet...

The great lady of Islam passed away in the 10th Hejira year at the age of 65. She supported the Prophet (PBUH) in his mission for 25 years sacrificing her life and wealth. Her death was a great loss to the Prophet (PBUH).

Her sorrowful death happened three days after the death of Abu Talib, the great and affectionate supporter of the Prophet (PBUH). The two deaths made the Prophet (PBUH) so sorrowful that he named that year, i.e. 10th Hegira year, the “year of grief”‌. The grieving and crying Prophet (PBUH) buried the dead body of Khadija in a place known as Hujun.

Here under we will have a glance at the merits of the great lady of Islam Hadrat Khadija (S.A):

1- Deep Insight

She was a person of deep insight and deliberation. Her practical sagacity was perfect. This can be understood from selecting the Prophet (PBUH) as her husband from amongst various wealthy businessmen suitors.

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) could see the bright future in the face of the Prophet (PBUH). According to her, the mystery behind marriage with Muhammad (PBUH) before his prophetic mission was her deep interest in Muhammad: “O my cousin, due to our kinship, your dignity and trust in your tribe, and your good virtue and truthfulness I decided to marry you.”‌

The above remark shows well that the affection and inclination of the great lady of Islam toward Muhammad (PBUH) was not based on material love and whims; rather, it was based on a deep insight and understanding the unique personality of the Prophet of Islam. Those lacking such an insight, like a group of Quraysh women, rebuked Hadrat Khadija (S.A) and said: “With all prudence and magnificence she possesses, Khadija married the poor orphan of Abu Talib. What a grave disgrace!”‌ Hadrat Khadija (S.A), whose choice was based on wisdom, remained steadfast and replied: “You women of Quraysh! I have heard your husbands [and you] rebuking me for marrying Muhammad (PBUH). Let me ask you a question. Is there any man like Muhammad among your men? Can you find a man all over Damascus, Mecca and the suburbs to be of good deed and creed, good-tempered and of great personality like Muhammad? I have married him for these values and I have seen greater things and behaviour from him.”‌

Time passed, the Prophet (PBUH) won repeated victories, Islam was progressing and Hadrat Khadija (S.A) gave birth to children like Hadrat Fatima Zahra (S.A), the 11 infallible Imams are her descendents. Therefore, Hadrat Khadija (S.A) must be admired for her choice and deep insight, although she did not live enough to see the fruit of her choice.

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) was very rich so that thousands of camels used to carry her merchandise. A green silken pavilion was hoisted on the roof of her house as a sign of wealth, and a gesture for the poor to refer for help. Almost 400 servants worked for her.

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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