Virtues of Hadrat Khadija (Part 3)

Lady Khadija (a.s.)

Hadrat Khadija's wealth was proverbial among the public of her time. Her wealth was so great that renowned and first...

5- Unparalleled Generosity and Donation

Hadrat Khadija’s wealth was proverbial among the public of her time. Her wealth was so great that renowned and first-class rich such as Abu Jahl and Aqabat ibn Abi Mohit were petty merchants before her. Historians have recorded her wealth as follows:

1- Thousands of camels carried her merchandise.

2- A green silken pavilion was hoisted on the roof of her house as a sign of wealth, and a gesture for the poor to refer for help.

3- Almost four hundred servants worked for her.8

After marriage with the Prophet (PBUH) Khadija gave all her wealth to Muhammad (PBUH) and said: “My house is yours and I am your servant.”9

After the marriage of Khadija and making Muhammad a partner in her wealth, her uncle Varaghat ibn Nofel went to Kaba, stood in between Zamzam and Ibrahim’s place, addressing the people said: “You Arabs! Know that Khadija calls you to bear witness that she has donated all her wealth including the servants and maidens, properties, livestock, dowries and all her gifts to Muhammad (PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) has accepted them all. This donation is because of Khadija’s affection toward Muhammad (PBUH). Today, you stand witness for this.”‌10

And the Prophet of Islam spent all this wealth for advancement of Islam and its objectives. In this connection, he said: “No wealth raised greater benefits for me than Khadija’s wealth.”‌11

6- Unparalleled Patience

A person like Khadija, who had grown up in wealth, must have been pampered and infirm, but after her marriage with the Prophet (PBUH) she was prepared to tolerate all hardships. Tolerating pressures by the Quraysh infidels, rebukes by the relatives and economic embargo at She’b Abi Talib bothered her very much at her old age (63-65) but she manifested great patience. Bent al-Shati said: “Khadija was not young enough to easily tolerate those hardships. She was not a person to experience hard livelihood in her young life, but she managed to tolerate all hardships at the siege to her death.”‌12

Ali was Muhammad’s brother and one of the most beloved people to him and to Khadija. She sent aids to Abu Talib’s house every day.

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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