Imam Jawad's Hadiths

Maxims of Imam Al-Jawad

Take patience as your pillow, hug poverty, discard lusts, oppose your self-desire and know that you...

1- Take patience as your pillow, hug poverty, discard lusts, oppose your self-desire and know that you are seen by God, so look how you are

(Tohaf Al_Okool, P.478)

2- Whoever had three thing, will never regret: 1- Refraining from haste

* Consulting 3- and depending upon God when decision-making (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.247)

3- Our wealth and soal are of God's pleasent gifts (to us) and deposidet trusts, they cause happiness and pleasure as long as we enjoy them, and reward is for whatever is taken (from us), so whose grief overcome his patience his reward is lost, and we seek refuge to God from that (Tohaf Al_Okool, P.479)

4- The one who attended a matter and disliked it, is as the one who was absent, and whoever was not present in an affair, whoever, was pleased with it, is as the one who witnessed it (Tohaf Al_Okool, P.479)

5- Three things take the slave to God's pleasure: 1- Increase forgiveness-asking . 2- Gentleness . 3- Increased charity-giving (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.247)

6- Refrain from association with the evil person, because he is as the bare awars having a beautiful appearance (but) an ugly effect (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

7- Delaying repentance is being deceuted (Tohaf Al_Okool, P.480)

8- Delay in performing works always (cause) perplexity (Tohaf Al_Okool,P.480)

9- Tending rewards God by hearts is more impressive than tiring members by deeds (Mesand Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.244)

10- Insisting in sins is (feeling) secured from Allah's plan " But none feels secure from Allah's plan except to the people who shall perish (Tohaf Al_Okool, P. 480)

11- Increase of blessing is not interrupted by God, unless thanksgiving is interrupted by slaves (Tohaf Al_Okool, P.480)

12- Disclosing something before its firmness causes its destruction (Tohaf Al_Okool, P.480)

13- The believer needs success by God admonishment by himself, and his acceptance from the one who advices him (Tohaf Al_Okool, P.480)

14- Scholars are unfamiliar due to the increase of ignorants (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.247)

15- The honoured prophet (P) taught Ali (P) a thousand word (of knowledge) where of each word a thousand word branch (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.97)

16- The messenger of God (P) said to Fatema: When I leave this world don't scratch (your) face, dishevel (your) hair, say woe to me, or lament, then said: This is the good which the exalted not disobey you in what is good . " (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.101)

17- Our upriser is the Mahdi whom should be waited for in his absence, and obeyed in his appearance . He is the third of my sons (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.131)

18- Meeting and visiting brothers, even if little cause development and maturity of intellects (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.242)

19- Whoever obeyed the command of his self-desive,has met his enemies wish (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

20- Dependance upon God is the price for any valuable thing and is the ladder for any eniment matter (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.244)

21- How can he get lost, the who God is his Guardian ?! How can he escape, the one who God is the searcher for him ?! And the one whose attention is to other than God, God assigns him to that person (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

22- The one who doesn't know the way in, has a problem finding the way out (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

23- If move calmly, get to the aim or close to it (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

24- A non-thanked for blessing is as a non-forgiven sin (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

25- The one who leavs compromise with thw people faces discomfort (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.243)

26- Whoever worked without knowledge, his destruction is more than his rectification (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.244)

27- When the divine decree descend the human-being is cornered (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.244)

28- Lapse of time uncover hidden secrets (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, p.245)

29- Have precaution according to the fear (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.245)

30- Don't be God's friend in appearance and his enemy in secret (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.245)

31- Four things aid the human in his work: soundness, not needing, knowledge, and success (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.246)

32- The one aware of oppression, the aid to it, and the pleased with it, all three are partners (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.247)

33- Human's death due to sins is more than death by fate, and his living due to benevolence is more than living due to natural life-time (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.248)

34- Love and friendship is attained by three characters: fairness, accompaniment and sympathy when hardship, pure heartedness and benevolence to others (Mesnad Al-Imam Al-Jawad, P.248)

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