Role of the Qur'an in Imam Rida's Life (Part 2)

The Life of Imam Al-Rida

Imam Rida (A.S) used to recite various chapters of the Qur'an in all obligatory and recommended prayers...

Reciting Different Chapters of the Qur’an in His Prayers

Imam Rida (A.S) used to recite various chapters of the Qur’an in all obligatory and recommended prayers during the day and night.

Raja ibn Abi al-Zahhak who accompanied Imam Rida (A.S) in his trip form Medina to Merv, has pointed out this issue in a detailed report:

Imam Rida (A.S) always offered a six-unit recommended prayers at the beginning of every noon in which after Al-Fatihah, he recited Al-Kaafiroon or Al-Ikhlaas; in his two-unit prayers after Salaat Ja’far-e-Tayyar, he was reciting Al-Mulk or Al-Insan. Also, in Witr Prayer, he was reciting Al-Falaq and An-Naas.

In addition, in his obligatory prayers, after Al-Fatihah, he was reciting Al-Qadr; at Friday noon, he was reciting Al-Jumu’ah in his prayers and, Al-Munafiqun in his Isha prayers; on Thursday night, he was reciting Al-A’la; on Monday and Thursday, in his Fajr prayers, in the second unit, he was reciting Al-Ghaashiyah after Al-Fatihah.

Reading the Entire Qur’an in Mecca

According to some documents of Razavi Fiqh, Allama Mohaddes Nouri narrates form Imam Rida (A.S): “If you can, read the Qur’an completely before you leave Mecca, do it since this would be highly appreciated and it is highly recommended in Islam.”‌

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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