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There are some points that can be mentioned as an answer to this question. Some work the best with a child...

There are some points that can be mentioned as an answer to this question. Some work the best with a child, and some with a young adult:

First of all, young adults want to be independent.

All the adolescents want to have control over their lives. They do not want others to interfere with their affairs and they want to be independent in regards to the decisions they make.

If parents violate the privacy of their children and make decisions for them, they are actually denying a great joy from them. To supervise what your children do is different from intervention with their affairs.

We should let the adolescent make the decision when they could. We should only supervise what they do indirectly.

People learn from others fast in childhood and in adolescence.

They look at their parents and they try to repeat what they do. Children become exactly what we are, not what we want. This is a very important point to have in mind.

If we want our children to be what we want, we should try to be more like that ideal individual ourselves.

A young adult will never learn pleasant manners in an environment full of lies and hypocrisy, no matter how eager parents are to raise a good child.
One of the main things parents should do in order to raise good children is to be good role-models for them.

To pay attention to the adolescent’s needs is another important factor.

This will give the young adult a purpose in a life and a positive quality.

Young adults too, like every other individual, have a lot of financial and intellectual needs. If parents ignore these needs, the young adult might be hurt in an irreversible way.

Young adults need to have fun, they need to have conversations with parents, and they need their parents to understand their situation. We could find out more about the needs of our children and to try to enter their invisible world the right way.

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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