Direct Interference in the Adolescents' Affairs Is a Mistake

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The world of adolescents has special and different features from the world of young people. The point is that...

The world of adolescents has special and different features from the world of young people. The point is that parents are usually very careful about their behavior towards their young children, their spouses, and the old people. But they are not that considerate about how they treat their adolescent children.

Adolescents do not understand the meaning of limitation well. They just want to be independent and they do not want to be imprisoned in the limitations you, as parents, impose on them. Therefore, imposing such limitations usually ends in arguments and fights. Parents have every right to be concerned about their parents, but they need to find the right and appropriate way to observe their activities.

Adolescents do not like to talk to their parents about the details of their daily tasks. They want to be as independent as they could. But these very characteristics could make parents worried and nervous. They do not always know how to react to their children. All the parents seek for ways to help them have a positive relationship with their young children.

The more some parents try to get close to their children, the more distanced they get from them. Expert psychologists believe that parents need to learn how to behave so that they will have a mutual relationship with their children and that the children feel willing to talk to them.

Parents should have in mind that adolescents usually tend to trust their friends more than their family members, and this is a natural process in people’s growth. Therefore, they need to find ways to observe their children without interfering in their affairs too much.

Any other method but that, won’t work. For example, if parents ask their children where they are going, the answer will usually be, “Nowhere.”‌ And if they ask, “What are you doing?”‌ the answer will often be, “Nothing.”‌; these questions and answers will only make both sides tired and angry.

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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