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It has almost become a cliché to say that every child is special and should be treated thus. Some children show...

It has almost become a cliché to say that every child is special and should be treated thus. Some children show their parents and the society how special they are, at an age when most children do not even know who they are. They exhibit a special talent or knack for something, which, when pursued, does give them the recognition that they deserve. Most other children show their talents late, when they begin to explore themselves at a much higher social level than just at home. Some may take up a game seriously, while others might be interested in art. Some might even show an uncanny talent for understanding scientific subjects like physics much higher than the level they are taught at school while others might take very little time in solving crossword puzzles. All that a parent, as the first teacher of the child, needs to do is to find out that talent and nurture it. If you too would like to find out what is special in your child, read on to find out how to do that.

Finding Your Child’s Talents

Here’s what you need to do if you wish to find out the special talent that your child possesses:

See and Observe

You must watch very carefully as to what it is that your child takes special interest in and what he or she takes more than merely an ‘academic interest’ in. Children can never hide the fact that they are interested in something and sometimes, especially when it concerns an art, it will be visible quite early.

Remember that most talented children turn into geniuses because they are spotted young and their talents are nurtured at the right time. So you need to keep a keen eye on your child to see what he or she takes a keener interest in than what he takes at anything else.

Talk To Me, Baby

Involve your child in a frank discussion about what are the activities that he or she likes or dislikes at school. You might get an insight into his or her special interests in class and other extracurricular activities. You might want to even ask your child to show his or her art book at school or give him or her, a puzzle book to see if that interests him or her. Your son might tell you how much he enjoys playing hockey at school. If you do not take interest in your child activities, then it may go unnoticed and unnurtured.

Teacher, Teacher! Please Tell Me

Talk to your child’s teachers at school and find out what he or she takes interest in most and does well in, even if it is the science class. Since the teachers get to deal with your child and his/her talents more than you do, they will definitely have a better idea. For example the school swimming instructor might want your son to play for the school team. They are always better at spotting talent and potential in their respective fields than you may be.

What Mommy Does

Many a times, children, who have talented parents, begin to take interest in what their parents do and may even outdo them. So if your child takes a keen interest in the pictures that you love to take, you may have to give your child’s interest in your talent, some thought.

* Source: lifestyle.iloveindia.com

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