Supreme Leader: Imam Hassan (a.s.) is a Source of Blessings and Munificence

The life of Imam Al-Hassan

The birth of Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s.), the 2nd infallible successor of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh&hh) was a very...

The birth of Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s.), the 2nd infallible successor of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh&hh) was a very sweet and pleasant occasion. It was a joyful event for the blessed family, since Imam Hassan (a.s.) was the first grandson of the Prophet, and certainly a gift from God.

It is matter of regret that many aspects of Imam Hassan’s (a.s.) dynamic personality still remain unknown because of the ignorance of some people who have actually oppressed him. However, his merits have continued to shine more brilliantly as time goes by.

Imam Hassan’s policies were identical to that of his father Imam Ali (a.s.), the first infallible successor of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh&hh). His authority was also like that of Imam Ali (a.s.). Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s.) could also be called the son of the battlefield - in the struggle against oppression and injustice.

As a matter of fact, Imam Hassan (a.s.) paved the ground for the immortal epic of Ashura and ensured the righteousness of Imamate (divinely decreed leadership) in the Prophet's blessed household.

The name of Imam Mujtaba (a.s.) is a very great and endeared name. We should bear in mind that it was the policies of Imam Hassan (a.s.) that ripped apart the mask of hypocrisy from certain faces.

The Treaty with the rebel Mu'awiyah and the conditions he set (for relinquishing the caliphate) was indeed a Divine Plan. He is thus one of our Great Leaders and serves as our spiritual and political role model.

Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s.) is indeed a source of blessings and munificence. He is truly a Chosen of God.

Imam Hassan’s (a.s.) bravery is unique among all the other Imams.

During his days, he was faced with only two options: martyrdom or life. He thus made the most difficult choice, and continues to live forever.

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