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A group of Japanese researchers embarked upon looking for a particular protein source among foodstuffs, which protein...

A group of Japanese researchers embarked upon looking for a particular protein source among foodstuffs, which protein is produced in small amounts in human brain, decreases the cholesterol in blood, strengths the heart and is a chief factor behind one’s level of bravery, and the production of which stops the person reaches the age of 60.

The Japanese researchers eventually found out that the substance is just to be found in figs and olives and that for giving it to the body, one should consume the two fruits – figs and olives, with the proportion of one fig to seven olives. Following the publication of this finding, an Egyptian Qur’anic scholar wrote a letter to the Japanese research team, informing the latter that in the Muslim’s Holy Book –the Qur’an Allah has sworn by figs and olives together (Chapter 95 of the Holy Qur’an) and that mention of figs has occurred once that of olives seven times in the Holy Qur’an.

Dr. Taha Ibrahim Khalifah, a professor at the medical plants’ section Egypt’s Al-Azhar University remarks about the Metalonionds “the substance is secreted by the brain of human beings and other animals in a very small amount. This protein substance contains a phosphorous which can easily be combined with zinc, iron and phosphorus and is vital to human life (including for reduction of cholesterol, strengthening of the hearts respiratory health, besides being very vital nourishment.)

“The secretion of this substance from human brain increases since the age of 15 up to 35, after which age it decreases till the age of 60. So, it is a very valuable substance for human survival. In other animals’ too, this substance is found in very small amounts. So a group of Japanese scientists attempted to look for that wonderful substance (regarded as reducer of the aging ailments) in plants and eventually found out that the substance exists such in two plants: figs and olives. This finding indeed testifies to the truth of Allah’s words in the Holy Qur’an:
By the fig and the olive, by Mount Sinai, by this secure town. We certainly created man in the best forms; then We relegated him to the lowest of the low, except those who have faith and do righteous deeds. There will be an everlasting reward for them.﴿ (Chapter Al-Tin, 1-6)

According to Dr. Taha Ibrahim, the fact that in these verses of the Holy Qur’an, Allah – The Almighty has first sworn by the fig and the olive and then spoken about His creation of human being is indeed very thought-provoking.

Also, following further researchers, the Japanese team came to the conclusion that to achieve the ideal result in connection with promotion of human health, the two fruits – figs and olives should be consumed together and that the best effects in this regard occur when figs and olives are eaten with the proportion of one (fig) to seven (olives).

Likewise, owing to further studies on the Holy Qur’an, Dr. Taha Ibrahim found out that the mention of figs in the Holy Qur’an has occurred once and that of olive seven times – six times explicitly and once implicitly in verse 20 of Chapter 23 (Mu’minun): “And a tree that grows on Mount Sinai which produced oil and a seasoning for those who eat.”‌ Professor Ibrahim Taha submitted to the Japanese team the findings he had got through studying the Holy Qur’an, leading the team also to know that the Holy Qur’an has revealed the scientific facts over 14 centuries before them finding out those facts. As a result, the head of the Japanese team embraced Islam and Dr, Taha Ibrahim was presented by that team with the credit of that great discovery.

And, did you know that olive oil contains Linoloic Acid which can prevent strokes, and certain vein problems. Regarding figs, Dr. Azam Mu’tamidnia, a university professor and member of board of scientists of Iran’s university of medical sciences remarks says, “Figs contain considerable amounts of sugar and thus prevents undesirable decrease in blood’s sugar. This fruit is also a cure for constipation. Figs contain lots of iron and thus it is better to consume figs with olives. Also, the oil contained in olives can serve as anti-strokes.

* Source: Mahjubah magazine

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