Al Imam Al Jawad (pbuh) and his Fascinating Character in Childhood

Life of Imam Al-Jawad

Al Imam Al Jawad (pbuh) was characterized, since his early childhood, by fascinating intelligence and genius. He attracted others’ respect and admir


Al Imam Al Jawad (pbuh) was characterized, since his early childhood, by fascinating intelligence and genius. He attracted others’ respect and admiration by this character. Many historians have narrated many signs of his intelligence. We mentioned from them the following:
1- One of the stories was mentioned by Omayya bin Ali, he said: I was with Abi Al Hasan Al Rida in Makkah, in the year when he performed the Hajj for the last time, leaving Al Bayt Al Haram (the Holy Shrine) to go to Khorasan. He was with his son Abo Ja'far Al Jawad, so Abo Al Hasan left the house and moved toward the shrine to pray there. Abo Ja’far was carried by one of Al Imam servants strolling with him around Al Kaaba. When he reached Ibrahim Rock, he (Al Imam) sat there and remained for a long time, so the servant Mowaffak asked him to leave, but he rejected. He was sad and sorrowful. Mowaffak ran to Al Imam Al Rida (pbuh) and told him about his son. Al Imam ran for him and asked him to leave, so he asked with tears and grief:
(Oh father, how can I leave after being here for the last time, with no more chance to come here again…?) A feeling of sorrow has dominated Al Imam Al Rida (pbuh), so he asked his son to leave, and he did. [1]
This incident showed his intelligence where he noticed from his father’s farewell to the Holy Shrine that it was the last visit, when he saw his father afraid and sorrowful. This let him know that those were the last days of his father. That really happened after Al Imam Al Rida arrived in Khorasan, where he didn’t return to the Holy Land, and died after being poisoned by Al Ma’moun Al Abbasi.
2- Another story of his intelligence was narrated by the historians: when the official procession of Al Ma’moun was crossing one of Baghdad’s roads, he passed beside a group of children who were playing. Al Imam Al Jawad was standing with them. All the children ran away when they saw the procession of Al Ma’moun, except Al Imam Al Jawad whom Al Ma’moun didn't know, so he approached him and asked: (why didn’t you run with the children…?)
Al Imam answered him, with his wonderful speech that owned Al Ma’moun’s feelings: (Oh prince, the way is neither narrow to move aside, nor I commit any fault to feel afraid from, and I trust your favorable judgment that you don’t harm who has no sin…).
Al Ma’moun admired him and asked him about his father, so he told him. Al Ma’moun then asked God to have mercy on his father. [2]
3- One of his miracles regarding his fascinating intelligence in his early age is that the scholars and jurists asked him about 30 thousand subjects and he answered… There is no way to explain this except in saying that God almighty has bestowed the Imams of Ahl Al Bayt (the family of the Prophet Mohammad) peace be upon them with shining abilities of knowledge that He didn’t bestow except for the resoluteness of his prophets and messengers.



Biography of Al Imam Mohammad Al Jawad (pbuh), His Eminence Al Shaikh Baker Sharif Al Khorshi


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