Misfortunes are God’s almighty Blessings

Ethics with God

You should know, if you are a good believer, that misfortunes don’t only require patience, but they are blessings that require thanking God for.

You should know, if you are a good believer, that misfortunes don’t only require patience, but they are blessings that require thanking God for. It was narrated by the prophet Mohammad (pbuh):” You are not considered a believer until you see misfortunes as blessings and welfare as afflictions” because life’s misfortunes and blessings of the hereafter, and life’s welfare are misfortunes of the hereafter. 1

Therefore, you can understand the secret of hadith that says that if God loves his servant, then the latest will be distressed.
Al Imam Al Sadek said for one of his friends:” If God loves a servant, he will overwhelm him with misfortunes; and we, with you, will wake up and sleep facing misfortunes”. 2

Misfortunes are better for you, they are blessings and rewards from God almighty. They present God’s almighty love, care, and generosity; does any sane believer reject God’s blessings?!
Is it fair to skip this blessing and divine care without thanking Him?!
These are some secrets and senses of misfortunes that a believer lives.

Patience is the End of Suffering
If you cannot see all of this mercy, goodness and rightness inside misfortunes and affliction, with the eye of certainty, for the extent of preferring what God has prefered for you, then: You should know that if a person don’t exceed all of the misfortunes and divine tests with patience and without worries, complaints and sighs, he will not escape on the Judgment Day, and will not be from the people of heaven, radwan (acceptance) and good works (Al Baqiyat Al Salihat). However, he will be from those who lean to life, its pleasures and trifles where he takes what he wants and deprives himself from the pleasure and happiness of the hereafter… And your Lord is not unjust with his servants.

By patience, the son of Adam (man) will win and will not be deprived from blessings; he who asks for more blessings God will bestow him and firm him even if he’s suffering from misfortunes and afflictions that cannot be borne by the mountains whose foundations rest on the earth and what is inside.

It is enough for those who want to seek the help of patience from God almighty to speculate on the good deeds that patients are rewarded by, from the most honest sayer in his holy book: (Give good news to those who patiently endure, who when faced with a disaster, say, “Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we will ?all? return). 3

Their Misfortunes (peace be upon them) Facilitate Every Other Misfortune
A believer who loves the Prophet (pbuh) should remember his misfortunes as Al Imam Al Baker (said) for Omar bin Sa’id Al Sakafi:” If you suffer from a misfortune in yourself or money or child, remember the misfortune of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) because no creation has suffered a misfortune like him”. 4
The prophet Mohammad (pbuh) also said:” Whoever feels that his misfortune is great, he should remember my misfortune to facilitate his suffering”. 5

A believer should remember the misfortune of Al Imam Ali (pbuh), Al Sayida Al Zahraa (pbuh), Al Imam Al Hasan and what happened in Karbala with the dearest to the heart of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh), his family and companions. He should remember the misfortune of the holy descendent of Al Imam Al Hussein (pbuh) and especially the misfortune of the absence of Imam Al Zaman (Al Mahdi) and being hurt and sad for his Shia (followers), their sufferings from oppression, and the spread of polytheism, atheism, fighting the religion and doctrine, calling for corruption and heresies. Then, all of this makes it easy for him and eases his misfortunes and what he has been afflicted with.

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