Beware of Depreciating your Prayer!

Ethics with God

God almighty says in his holy book:” when you call for Prayer, they take it for a mockery and sport. That is because they are people who do not understand”


God almighty says in his holy book:” when you call for Prayer, they take it for a mockery and sport. That is because they are people who do not understand”[1].
Everyone knows the importance and merit of praying; it’s the connection between a servant and His God. We were commanded to attend it, prevail, and seek refuge through it. In return, God has prohibited us from leaving or depreciating, or ignoring it for trade or amusement.
It’s the last will of the prophets and the guardians before their death. It’s the prophet’s (pbuh) apple of eye, and the best of actions and obligatory prayers, after knowledge. In return, it’s the worst act in the eyes of Satan and his allies who ask for scourge and distress when God’s servants pray. Satan says at that time: “they obey God and I disobey Him, they worship Him and I reject”, preparing its soldiers to see how to deal with those servants. Their decision and agreement are always to approach them through their prayer by either making them leave it, distract them, or deprive them from feeling devoted while praying. If the servant responds, Satan will control him and make him one of his soldiers and supporters, we seek refuge in God.



Levels of depreciating the prayer:
Depreciating the core of praying: through not praying at all. A person like this dies on the religion of Christians and Jews as was mentioned in the hadiths.
Praying sometimes and stopping sometimes, for example like a man who only prays during Ramadan month.
Praying some and leaving some, for example like not praying the morning prayer.
Not praying on time, but when remembering.
Not praying on time for work and trade, especially Al Juma’ prayer.
Not praying in congregation if possible.
Not caring for its details and conditions, like ablution, recitation, good bowing and prostrating.
Absence or reverence and heart.



Sayyida Fatima Al Zahra’ (a.s) Hadith
It was narrated by the lady of women, and the prophet’s daughter (pbuh) that she asked her father one time:” O Father, what will be the fate of a man who depreciates his prayer?
The Prophet (pbuh) answered:” O Fatima, he who depreciates his prayer, whether from men or women, God will afflict him with 15 qualities: 6 of them in this life, 3 at the time of death, 3 in his grave, and 3 on The Day of Judgment when he gets out of his grave. 



As for the calamities that befall him in this worldly life:
God removes the blessing from his lifespan. Second, God removes the blessing from his sustenance. Third, God erases the sign of the righteous from his face. Fourth, every deed he performs is not rewarded. Fifth, his supplication does not ascend to the heavens. Sixth, he has no share in the supplications of the righteous.



As for those that befall him at the time of his death:
First, he dies in humiliation. Second, he dies hungry. Third, he dies thirsty, and even if he were given to drink from the rivers of the world, his thirst would not be quenched.



As for those that befall him in his grave:
First, God appoints an angel to disturb him in his grave. Second, his grave is made narrow for him. Third, darkness prevails in his grave.
As for those that befall him on the Day of Judgment when he emerges from his grave:
First, God  appoints an angel to drag him on his face while the creatures look at him. Second, he will be subjected to a severe reckoning. Third, God will not look at him, nor purify him, and he will have a painful punishment.[2]






* Jala’ Al Qulub, Al Maaref Islamic and Cultural Institution


[1] Surah Al Maida verse 58
[2] Mustadrak Al Wasail, part 3, page 23. Bihar Al Anwar, part 80, part 21
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