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Controlling the disbursement of money is considered as one of the important matters in managing living affairs. Sometimes, its importance exceeds

Controlling the disbursement of money is considered as one of the important matters in managing living affairs. Sometimes, its importance exceeds the importance of production. What is meant by controlling here is to limit the amount of disbursement according to the individual or society’s income. It should also be taken into consideration not to misspend and waste money randomly, with taking into account the disbursement conditions of the following generations in order to reach prosperity and development.

When the prophet Youssef (pbuh) took the responsibility for managing the economic affairs in Egypt, he precisely supervised money and crops in the seven years of bountiful blessings. By that, he was able to reserve as many crops as possible to be consumed in the years of dryness. Referring to some stories, he (pbuh) passed the misfortune of the years of dryness and prevented people from drought and starvation through his good management in getting rid of the class investment and removing the difference between the egyptian society groups. 1 Through his precise supervision of money disbursement in the 7 years of blessing, he was able to reserve huge amounts of corps for the years of dryness.

Through his good coordination and right management, he exchanged in the years of dryness the corps with dirhams, dinars, livestock, youth, maidservants, houses, and agricultural lands. Then, he returned this money and possessions to their people fairly because his goal was saving the people of Egypt from starvation and misfortunes.

In reality, the prophet Youssef (pbuh) wasn’t only an interpreter of dreams, but he was a leader who planned for the country’s future while sitting in his prison’s corner. He provided many plans for at least 15 years in advance. As we see, the interpretation of the King’s dream with the future suggestions encouraged the King and his people. First, this interpretation was a reason for saving the Egyptians from the fatal drought; second, it was a reason for saving Youssef from prison and getting the governance from the tyrants’ hand. 2

On the personal side, the plenty of blessings shouldn't be a reason to misspend and waste money. However, a right path should be followed with precise supervision when using talents and divine blessings in order to reserve for the future and not ask others oneday for help. Through the right supervision, you can help the poor and needy people and do your religious and social duties in the best way.
A man should also take into account his hereafter.

The Art of Managing Living Matters- A narrational Quranic vision, Al Maaref Islamic and Cultural Institution

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