The Chance of Gaining the Divine Nearness

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It is so important to feel the taste of the divine nearness. Ramadan month is a chance to gain this nearness.


It is so important to feel the taste of the divine nearness. Ramadan month is a chance to gain this nearness. The life of people who are close to God is different. When a person becomes closer to God he will live a different life. Divine nearness transmits a man into special atmospheres and lets him feel a very special feeling. Anyways, a close person to God is different from others! When you are nearer to the graves of the Imams of guidance (peace be upon them) you have different feelings, so how if you’re closer to God almighty?!
Ramadan is a chance to be closer to God than any other time. We should feel the taste of closeness. For example, if your repentance is accepted you become closer to God. Same if your deeds’ intent is for the sake of God, you're closer to God. If you monitor yourself not to upset your God, you're closer to Him. If you’re sad for being far from God in the moments of headlessness, you’re closer to God too. You can feel the nearness of God in many situations.
We have to try the case of nearness to God to feel its impacts on our souls, bodies, and behaviors. We have to see a change in our prayers! We should increase our complaining to God and prolong our screaming and mourning in His hands to try nearness because we have no other way or chance.
This shouldn’t be postponed. Don’t say “We will approach God in the future”. If you didn’t become closer to Him today when you are in a better situation than the future, how will you move towards Him in the future when you are more far from Him?! This issue cannot be postponed. It is unlawful to postpone repentance until further notice! Let’s repent now. If I am waiting for the future to change my sense of taste and leave sins and life love, then Let’s leave them today and change my sense of taste.
In the ambience of nearness to God, you should call the intent of nearness to your mind in all your behaviors, day and night. Ramadan is a chance to be closer and you should try these steps that make your life better. In this good and new life, we are commanded to call into mind the intent of nearness to God in all our behaviors, day and night. The messenger of God (pbuh) says to Abi Zar:” O Abi Zar, have an intent in all your deeds, even in sleeping and eating”[1]. He also says:” O Abi Zar, have an intent to do a good deed even if you don’t do it, in order not to be included with the heedless”[2]. Al Imam Al Sadek says:” A servant should have a sincere intent in every action or silence. Otherwise, he’s included with the heedless who are slandered by God when he almighty says:” They are like cattle, rather, they are the more misguided. Such are the heedless”. [3]
The same intent that we should have when we want to pray, we should call for it in mind when doing any deed as if God is making a commercial transaction with us, and saying:” Make all your deeds for the sake of Me in order to buy it from you and include you with the close people”. So if someone rejects God's call and twisted his neck, what should we name him?



Hi Eminence Al Sheikh Ali Rida Banahyan- Freely


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