Al Zahraa Special Rank in the Heart of the Prophet and Imams (a.s)

Lady Fatima Al-Zahraa (a.s.)

If we take a look at the prophet (pbuh) and Al Imams’ biographies, we clearly see the dedication and honor of Sayyeda Fatima Al Zahraa (a.s) in thei


If we take a look at the prophet (pbuh) and Al Imams’ biographies, we clearly see the dedication and honor of Sayyeda Fatima Al Zahraa (a.s) in their hearts. We realize a special behavior with her. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:” I sacrifice myself for Fatima”[1]. It was mentioned that when Fatima comes to the prophet (pbuh), he stands up, kisses his hands, and sets her beside him. There are many other hadiths that show the great and special rank of Sayyeda Fatima (a.s) in the heart of the prophet. She was a part of him and the soul between his two sides:” She is a part of me, the light of my eyes, the fruit of my soul, and the soul between my two sides”. [2] This is added to the greatness that we see in the Imams’ behavior with her… 
It is confirmed that this wasn’t because of their family bond or the affective connection with her. She neither was the heart and the fruit of the soul of the prophet because she is her daughter, nor she was a proof for the Imams because she is their mother. The prophet and the Imams (a.s) don’t behave according to non-divine personal motivations, even if they are honored and humanitarian feelings. They only express God’s will. Their love, hatred, peace and war are only for the sake of God. Al Imam Al Khaaminai (may God protect him) says:” Kissing the hand of Sayyeda Fatima by the prophet (pbuh) shouldn’t be considered as an emotional act. It is so wrong and negligible if we think that he’s just kissing her hand because she’s his daughter and he loves her.
Is it acceptable for such a great man who relies on divine revelation and inspiration, with such just and wise character, to bend over with respect to his daughter? No, this is another issue that has another explanation. He assures that when this woman died when he was 18 or 25, she was in the climax of the human kingdom and a very exceptional person.[3]
Then, we don’t see this special behavior of the infallible Imams except with Sayyeda Fatima Al Zahraa. This shows that this Sayyeda has a special position in the heart of the Imams because of her great position in the eyes of God. This exception was manifested in her short life through her attitudes and behaviors, which are an issue that we will explain later. We will scientifically prove that she (a.s) is the axis that the infallible Imams used to turn over, and that her role in life was like the basic point that the infallible strivings started from.



Sayyeda Fatima Al Zahra (a.s) The Ideal model,Al Maaref Islamic and Cultural Institution


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