Soft War - Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Soft War

Since decades, there have been centered intellectual, cultural, and publicity efforts [against] our generations and minds-

Soft War
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Since decades, there have been centered intellectual, cultural, and publicity efforts [against] our generations and minds- especially at the level of the Arab and Muslim worlds. [These efforts] are in the context of the "Soft War" which has been waged since that time and focuses on a certain idea which is connected with "bearing responsibility toward public affair[s]" – whether general conditions or the public affair in a certain country, [or] the responsibility of individuals inside the limits of their countries (Lebanon, Iraq,…etc), and on all levels whether political, media, economic, or educational.

The focus on this effort has become bigger and greater during the past years due to the development of means of communication which has given a favorable opportunity for this attack more than any [other] previous time.

The concept which "Soft War" has worked on was[carried out] through stages.

The Stages of "Soft War"
In the first stage, the work commenced on the geographical [aspect] meaning [that] "every individual should carry the responsibility of his own country only and has nothing to do with the countries of others and the people [therein]". This has been worked upon to a great extent. What happens to other people and countries is not your responsibility, and there is no need to ask, to keep up with [news], or to carry a sorrow, let alone to think how to help or assist! [Caring] might also reach the level of condemnation and this is the worst! That if someone cares about the nations in the region and what is happening to them, he might be condemned and attacked along with the group which he belongs to.

In the second stage, they established research centers whose mission is to set theories which spread this concept, and they have [placed] them in a political context. The worst is that during the last period, the discourse concerning religious standards began and that Islam, religion, and the Prophets [maintain the concept of not caring]. This comprises the biggest historical falsification! Some [people] have reached [the extent] of saying: "I have not found in Islam or religion any basis for the concept of bearing responsibility toward the people and countries of the region, or what you call "The Ummah".

Ignorance and falsification has reached this level!
Yes, in the first stage, their propagation of the concept was successful to a large percent –and at the level of the Arabian and Islamic (worlds). Its success was aided by the difficulties, challenges, and dangers which every person is [facing] in his country, and which are enough to distract a people of a country from others, in addition to the frustrations, despair, lack of self-confidence, lack of trusting other[s], failure, feeling unable to accomplish or [unable to achieve] victory. This is what has been worked upon in "Soft War", and its result was [for] every person to be distracted with thinking about his country, and every people to think about [themselves]. This is a human and religious misconception.

In the third stage, they entered into the country and divided the worries and responsibilities. They said that every group has its problems and worries which it should be concerned with solving and should not consider the worries and problems of others. Then they reached regions, and considered that every region should solve its problems and should not look toward helping other regions. Then they progressed in [this] issue and restricted it to families, and then to clans and the branche[s] of clan[s]. This is the third stage which they wanted us to reach and which we will soon reach!

The fourth stage is originally the goal of Iblis (Satan) and all the jinn and human demons which work for him- to reach every individual of us and to say to him: You have no responsibility toward anything other than yourself, your food and drink, your pleasure and soft life. You have no responsibility. Where will your parents [and] family be in the worldly life and the Hereafter? You have no responsibility toward anyone. This is the major catastrophe which might befall any Ummah and any human at the level of worldly life and the Hereafter.

This issue is worked upon like I said during night and day and all means of communication and the cultural level in order to be able to convince us and our youth and people that this is the dominant culture. This is what we are [going through] today, and this is why we are concerned with confronting it.

When one of us reaches the level of viewing and seeing everything which is happening to his kin, nation, Ummah, and sacred matters and all of that doesn’t mean anything to him- he doesn’t care and even doesn’t feel their pain-this is a great danger.

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