Unity for Fighting Soft War

Soft War

We should believe that unity and closeness between the leadership staff, between the leadership and people, and between the doctrines and islamic move

Unity for fighting the Soft War

We should believe that unity and closeness between the leadership staff, between the leadership and people, and between the doctrines and islamic movements are anong the power factors to fight the soft war. We shouldn’t provide any claim that may be exploited by the enemy, whether through marginal conflicts, bad performance or declarations of the regime elites, leaders, or officials from the targeted side.

One of the most important goals of the soft war is separating the enemy's power and damaging its soft resources. In Iran, separating the leadership and changing the priorities and policies of the islamic regime are on the top of the goals of the soft war.

In addition, damaging the position, leadership, appearance, and lawfulness of the revolution leader, the Islamic Jurist Al Imam Al Khamenei (may God protect him) is absolutely one of the american, western and zionist priorities[1]. This is due to their precise knowledge of the importance of the revolution’s leader, the noble leadership characteristics, his role in protecting the leadership regime in Iran, and his influence on the public throughout the islamic world[2]. Then, separating the relationship and trust between the leadership and people and damaging the religious and political movements that constitute tributaries of the regimes comes in this context.

The plans to ignite and price sectarian and ideological war in Iran and the region are also on the same list of goals.

That’s why it is rare to hear a speech for his eminence Al Imam Al Khamenei (may God bless him) without insisting on the importance of burying any conflict between Sunni and Shiite. His eminence supports many initiatives including the annual meeting with the islamic participants in “bringing close conferences' ' and strengthening the international Quranic competitions that all the islamic doctrines people participate in. Al Imam Al Khaminai considers these initiatives among the important steps to establish the islamic unity[3] and the famous historical legal opinion (fatwa) that he announced to prohibit any offense for the prophet’s companions or any Sunni symbol.

In the same context, we have disagreements and conflicts within the same movement and regime.
Someone may ask: What do these major powers gain from these conflicts, and what is its relationship with? Someone also may claim that we should not give the responsibility of our problems and crises for the outside, and we should not rely on conspiracy theories.

The answer becomes clear to us once we know the huge intellectual, political, organizational and media energies that drain the nation’s balance and strength in internal battles, conflicts and illegal competitions for positions of influence and power. It becomes clear once we know the amount of foreign money and efforts exerted in causing this discord and conflicts because whoever studies the documents and archives of the intelligence services knows the extent to which they rely on these strategies, and is convinced, even lately, that it is not an issue of conspiracies and fictional stories, but rather it is at the core of work, jobs and planning of foreign intelligence agencies, especially the CIA.[4]

Conflicts affect general performance in the political, economic and administrative fields, and lead to the disruption of many energies and projects, to poor productivity and effectiveness of institutions, and to major errors and deviations in performance.
Hence, His Eminence directed everyone's attention to the appropriate legal guidance and assignment.

“The media, activists, politicians and officials should stay away from unprincipled marginal differences because the priority in the country today is to confront the soft war waged by the enemy, which aims to sow division and pessimism among the people. One of the most important ways to confront this attack is to preserve and strengthen insight, mobilization, morale and hope for the future. This does not mean denying the existence of problems and crises, nor does it negate the necessity of carrying out the duty of reform and treatment”. [5]

“His Eminence added, "The country is progressing with unity not with division and separations. As you can see, if any simple incident happens between officials, the foreign radio stations directly analyze, rage and rejoice. In this case, the basis of the issue is not an important matter; let’s suppose that there is a difference in tastes, opinions and perceptions between two officials or between two groups of officials, then should this affect the progress of the projects?” [6]

In another speech, he stressed on the importance of concealing manifestations of disagreement and weakness, if any, "we should show the enemy our weakness because he is waiting for that. Even if there are any weaknesses, they must be covered up in front of the enemies, so what about us if there are no weaknesses at all.[7]" This does not negate the obligation of clarification, which is showing the error and correcting it in an appropriate manner without the defamation that the enemy benefits from.” [8]

In assessing the extent of the damage resulting from these differences, His Eminence referred to the material and moral capabilities that were present in the midst of conflicts, internal and personal divisions in Iran. His Eminence said, “Unless for the negligence of some people in the middle of the incidents, the country would have witnessed more development in the material and moral fields.”[9]

We will highlight a text that matches and confirms what A Imam Al Khaminai said. The author of the book “The Soft Power”, Joseph Nye, said, "The leaders of the Soviet Union defeated the most important and severe blows against their regime due to their poor performance, and they gave the US policy invaluable services." [10]

The Soft War- Sights of the Vision of Al Imam Al Khamenei (may God bless him), Al Maaref Islamic and Cultural Institution

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