82. The Whispered Prayer of those who Hold Fast

The whispered prayers

O God, O Shelter of the shelter-seekers! O Refuge of the refuge-seekers...

In the Name of God, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate

1- O God,
O Shelter of the shelter-seekers!
O Refuge of the refuge-seekers!
O Deliverer of the perishing!
O Preserver of the pitiful!
O Merciful toward the miserable!
O Responder to the distressed!
O Treasure of the utterly poor!
O Mender of the broken!
O Haven of the cut off!
O Helper of the abased!
O Granter of sanctuary to the fearful!
O Aider of the troubled!
O Fortress of the refugees!
If I seek not refuge in Thy might,
in whom shall I seek refuge?
If I seek not shelter in Thy power,
in whom shall I seek shelter?
Sins have made me seek asylum in laying hold
on the skirts of Thy pardon,
offenses have compelled me to beg the opening
of the doors of Thy forgiveness,
evildoing has summoned me to dismount
in the courtyard of Thy might,
fear of Thy vengeance has prompted me
to cling to the handhold of Thy tenderness!
It is not right for him who holds fast to Thy cord
to be abandoned,
nor proper for him who seeks the sanctuary of Thy might
to be surrendered or disregarded.
My God,
empty us not of Thy defending,
strip us not of Thy guarding,
and protect us from the roads of destruction,
for we are in Thy eye and under Thy wing!
I ask Thee
by those whom Thou hast singled out,
Thy angels and the righteous among Thy creatures,
to assign over us a protector through which Thou wilt
deliver us from destructions,
turn aside from us blights,
and hide us from the striking of great afflictions,
to send down upon us some of Thy tranquillity,
to wrap our faces in the lights of love for Thee,
to give us haven in Thy strong pillar,323
and to gather us under the wings of Thy preservation!
By Thy clemency and Thy mercy,
O Most Merciful of the merciful!

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