83. The Whispered Prayer of the Abstainers

The whispered prayers

My God, Thou hast settled us in an abode which has dug for us pits of deception...

In the Name of God, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate

1- My God,
Thou hast settled us in an abode
which has dug for us pits of deception,
and Thou hast fastened us by the hands of death
in the snares of that abode's treachery!
In Thee we seek asylum
from the tricks of its guile,
and to Thee we hold fast, lest we be deluded
by the glitter of its ornaments!
It destroys its pursuers
and ruins its settlers,
it is stuffed with blights
and loaded with calamities.
2- My God,
induce us to renounce it
and keep us safe from it
by Thy giving success and Thy preservation from sin.
Strip from us
the robes of opposing Thee,
attend to our affairs
through Thy good sufficiency,
amplify our increase
from the boundless plenty of Thy mercy,
be liberal in our gifts
from the overflow of Thy grants,
plant in our hearts
the trees of Thy love,
complete for us
the lights of Thy knowledge,
give us to taste
the sweetness of Thy pardon
and the pleasure of Thy forgiveness,
gladden our eyes
on the day of meeting Thee
with the vision of Thee,
dislodge the love of this world
from our spirits,
just as Thou hast done for the righteous,
Thy selected friends,
and for the pious,
those whom Thou hast singled out!
O Most Merciful of the merciful,
O Most Generous of the most generous!

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